If I knew at age 8 what I know now...

Ah, come on. You had to see this coming.

…I’d have been traumatised for life!

I would have done grade 5, instead of skipping it straight into grade 6. That way I would have kept my old friends and had a simpler life.

I’d have told JFK to duck.

I wouldn’t have knocked on my parents bedroom door on Saturday mornings asking for breakfast and wondering why the door was locked in the first place.

It was in those early years before 18 that I missed out on some wonderful opportunities. :smack:

I would have had a lot less heartbreak as a teenager!!

I wonder how many grade-skippers wish now that they hadn’t? Off to start a poll…

I wouldn’t have traded my GI Joe, and GI Joe diver’s outfit and submarine, for three toy cars, one of which was broken, and one of which was covered in paint.
I’m still bitter about this.

I would have stood up to my brother instead of letting him push me around all the time.

I would have considered my guitar lessons more important than my Girl Scout meetings.

I would have done my homework right away upon arriving home instead of constantly putting it off, feeling guilty and having my mom nag me.

… I’d probably wouldn’t change a thing. All the bad stuff in my life that I can think of was beyond my control to change.

Ohh, that:

  • It’s possible to break bones falling off small objects
  • It’s not OK to pick up wasps and wave them around
  • Leave all my toys in their boxes so I could sell them on Ebay
  • Pressured Dad to buy Microsoft stocks instead of timeshares

and you would now be a rockstar instead of a girl scout leader ?

hehe sorry…couldnt resist

I would have never ever given away all of my Lego sets and blocks. God, I miss 'em now.

I would have never ever thought about taking apart all my Transformers just see how they were put together.

I would have decided to stay inside sitting on my butt watching the television on September 16, 1987, instead riding around of my bicycle.

I would have learned how to fight and been prepared to use it when junior high school came around.

I would have picked up playing the trumpet a lot earlier.

What happened then? I’ve googled the date but can only come up with a Mets game.

Perhaps Siegfried’s bicycle came in contact with an automobile on that date?

I would have never sold my MAD books at a yard sale. :smack:

I would have learned to be more assertive when “friends” asked to “borrow” money.

I would have asked my parents for a Commodore 64 instead of a Timex/Sinclair computer.

It’s not so much what I know now that I didn’t know then so much as the confidence I have now that I didn’t have then that would be important to me. I remember many times being taught things that were wrong or inconsistant by poor quality teachers in those days. At the time I would rarely have the confidence to show up there foolishness, I would like to have been confident enough to do so. Appart from that I would start serious Martial Arts training much earlier if I could.
Cheers, Bippy