If I liked Fable (II & III), I will love...

I just got done playing Fable II and Fable III, and I thought they were pretty good. Can anyone recommend some similar type games??? My husband and I have an XBox (well, 2 actually), a PS3, and a Wii.

I really liked most of the LOTR games. Definitely a fan of sword fighting. And I loved all the LEGO games. I like puzzle solving, and some combat. But I absolutely suck at shooting. So I don’t really enjoy first player shooting games.

Any suggestions?

Dragon Age Origins if you haven’t played it.

DAO doesn’t really have the same light-hearted action-oriented style of Fable or the LEGO games. Maybe something like… Dead Rising 2.

DAO isn’t comparable to Fable. Its controls are more like an RTS than whatever you’d call the kind of control you have in Fable.

You might like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (1 or 2) or Batman: Arkham Asylum. They both have similar controls with light RPG elements. Batman is heavier on the puzzle elements than Star Wars, if I’m remembering correctly. You might want to look into Oblivion- it’s best played in a first person perspective but you can choose to skip ranged weapons and use only swords, axes, etc if you wish.

Edit: Dead Rising (1 or 2) is also a good suggestion.

It’s not a great (maybe even good) game, but Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for the Wii has a few similarities and can be fun for a weekend or two. I enjoyed it. Similarities: It has a fantasy setting, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is an action RPG.

Negatives based on your criteria:
-No actual sword fighting because the main character has control of gravity. He picks up objects and throws them at enemies or picks up the enemies themselves and throws them into other enemies.
-You need to point at the enemies with the Wii controller. This is not the same skill as shooting in a FPS using a traditional controller because the targeting system is very forgiving, but it might qualify as a negative.

It’s worth at least a rental for something different but fun.

But it is a sword and sorcery game similar(ish) to the LoTR games that the OP likes.

The Zelda games might also be a good fit.


It honestly looks like Dragon Age 2 has cribbed a lot from the Fable series if they are willing to wait until March (at least the combat in the videos look very similar).

I will definitely look into Dragon Age Origins. Thanks guys! And if it is cool, it looks like I will be waiting until March for DA2.

I didn’t realize there were new Zelda games. I will look into that too.


Oh… We already have Batman: Arkham Asylum. Hubby played it and liked it, but thought it was pretty dark.

I am just not very good at the shooting thing. I could easily manipulate a 4-button combo for a melee attack, and yet, I just can’t point and shoot. Oh well. :slight_smile:

Please tell me more about Oblivion. In Fable, you do have to use some ranged weapons as well… they just aren’t my weapon of choice. (And the parts of the game where you have to are the parts that take me the longest).

Anybody know of any good websites where I can find video game reviews?

Try gamerankings.com or metacritic.com for game reviews.

As for Oblivion, ranged combat and magic combat is from a first person shooting sort of perspective. It’s bright and a very enjoyable game, but I’m not sure you’d like it. If you don’t mind a post-apocalyptic RPG without fairies and elves and such (but with super mutants) then Fallout 3 might be something you’d like. It’s also first person, but you can play it so that the game does all the aiming and firing for you.

Thanks Finn.

Yeah, I guess I just don’t like the first-person perspective… so I guess Oblivion is out.

I do like the RPG, and RPG-ish games, because I can play and not think about work, etc… for a few hours at a time. It doesn’t have to be fairies and elves, etc… any non-reality will do.

Did the “Oddworld” series fizzle out?

I think we’d be better equipped to answer this question if we knew what you liked about the Fable titles. Is the fantasy world? Dragon Age Origins might not be a bad choice. The moral choices? Uh, I know there’ve been some others. The action RPGness? Maybe you could try Tales of Vesperia (There’s a demo). The burping and farting? Can’t help you there.

Whoops, I see you sortof already answered this. Well, given what you mentioned, maybe you could try the aforementioned Dragon Age: Origins. The Mass Effect games are out due to the perspective. Tales of Vesperia (360) still worth a try. You might also like Valkyria Chronicles(PS3)

Not sure about Oddworld, tbh.

Check out Knights of the Old Republic (only the first, the second was never really finished) if you like a Star Wars kind of RPG experience. Enchanted Arms, Tales of Vesperia and Lost Odyssey are all JRPG’s that are fairly decent.

But if you’re interested and don’t mind (very very) old graphics, then some great old computer games you might want to check out:
Planescape: Torment
Baldur’s Gate I and II (with expansion packs)

In Oblivion, you don’t have to use the first-person perspective - you can set it so the camera is behind your character’s head, much like Fable. I think you just have to push down on one of the sticks. I’ve never stayed in that perspective for very long, so I don’t know if it switches to first-person for battles or other interactions.

I really really don’t like first-person shooters, either, and I also use my ranged weapon in Fable as little as possible - and I LOVE Oblivion. Fable is more lighthearted, but Oblivion’s gameplay is better IMO. It’s frustrating to me to go from playing Oblivion, with their great map and journal to Fable, with its crappy maps and no journal. So you might be blown away by how great they are!

Thanks for all the info guys. I knew I could count on the Dope.

I just read all the stuff for DAO, and it looks pretty awesome. I will hit gamestop on my way home from work tonight. I will also get Oblivion if I can get a used copy for pretty cheap.

I will let you guys know how it goes tomorrow!

If you get Oblivion make sure you’re getting the Game of the Year Edition. It comes with all the expansions and it’s only $20 new - it’ll be even cheaper used (at Gamestop you can return used games if you don’t like them anyway so it’s worth your time).

As for DAO - I hope you’ve got your schedule freed up because you’re about to lose a week of your life. :wink:

Off to meet my husband at Gamestop. Then special dinner. Then not talking to eachother for a week as we play our various games. :slight_smile: