If I'm ever this lazy, shoot me ( Warning: Sex. Sorta )

**( ******Warning, link is possibly not safe for work. No nudity or sex, but adult products are featured *****)
Some things a man’s just gotta do for himself. On those grounds, I think that this product is just wrong. Also, think of the danger. A power surge could give new meaning to the phrase “jerking OFF”.

(Mods, I think that this falls within the bounds of what’s allowable here, but of course I bow to your judgement if you deem it inapropriate)

The third picture from the bottom slays me.

But…but…wouldn’t this be good for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome???


“For when wanna cum, but are just too tired to masterbate…”

My So wants to know why the bottom two pictures have a broken (apparently) umm…device. He said he wouldn’t want anything near his goodies that could break gel.


I simply must travel to Japan someday. Between that and Boonga Boonga, it sounds like a charming little country.

(Of course, God only knows what impressions they’ve been getting of America…)

That’s a great sig line for somebody to pick up…

The world is stranger than can be believed at times.

If I’m too tired to stroke myself, I think I can just do without for the time being. :rolleyes:

Girls have Sybians…

Its the male form of hands free…

I like it though I wouldnt be able to use it obviously!
Fair is fair. Guys get jealous of the girls Sybians :slight_smile:

Wow. I’m…astonished. Really amused at the demonstration of how the product expands to fit penises of girth.

But I’d trust a knot in a board before that contraption. I mean, would you sign up to be quality control? Do you think anyone else has signed up to be quality control?

And for roughly $320 bucks, I could get a lot of Tijuana…
Oh, right, this is a family forum.

And you’d likely get a lot more than you bargained for. :smiley:

Warning Sex??? Warning??? don’t warn me! I want those threads, on top of the page as soon as I get here!! for when I too tired to roll mouse…

Well this raises “gadget freak” to a whole new level…
Or lowers it…

The last thing I want is something mechanical squeezing my wing wang. What if the damn thing breaks and goes all mechanical bull?

I’m suddenly reminded of Wang-Ka’s buddy with the watermelons, for some reason.


I don’t know about inappropriate, but I think that is just plain WRONG. Hilarious, but WRONG.

Just keep it away from Coldfire, and I think we’ll all be okay.

Well I hope you’re happy now ** Weirddave ** , I was laughing so loud over this that I woke the LIONsob up and he grumped off to the bedroom without me ! How will I ever make it up to him ?

Hmmmmm his birthday is coming up next month , BwaHahahaha

or hairy palms and blindness, at least.

Ha ha!

What would happen if it tightened its grip so much that it wouldn’t come off? How do you explain that to the doctor in A&E?

Its just bizarre. I mean, if a man wants to pleasure himself, and there isn’t a willing partner around, he has a perfectly good tool at the end of his arm!

That site is hilarious!