If in a band, who/what would you want on your Sgt. Pepper-Style Album Cover?

Say you were in a band, and said band was going to release an album, the cover of which would be a parody of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper. What famous people/random objects would you want on the album? What instrument would you want to be holding? (Assume your record label will go for whoever you pick, and non of your nominees will contest your using their image).


Either pan-pipes, a bassoon, a French horn or a Hofner bass.

Famous People:

  1. The Pope

  2. Frank Zappa

  3. Jesus

  4. Hitler

  5. John Lennon

  6. Yoko Ono

  7. Jim Morrison

  8. Grace Slick

  9. Alfred Hitchcock

  10. George Harrison

  11. Anthony Hopkins, in Hannibal Lector mask

  12. Vana White

  13. Bob Dole

  14. James Lipton

  15. Uncle Sam

  16. Ray Charles

  17. Beethoven

  18. Chris Farley

  19. Edgar Allen Poe

  20. Shirley Temple

  21. Michael Jackson

  22. Gene Wilder

  23. Stephen King

  24. Lawrence Welk

  25. Mark Twain

  26. Indiana Jones

  27. Jack Nicholson

  28. Ronald McDonald

  29. Queen Elizabeth

  30. The guy on Brawny Paper Towels

  31. Richard Simmons

  32. Bob Dylan

  33. Paul McCartney

  34. Animated Alice of Alice in Wonderland

  35. Pee-wee Herman

  36. Colonel Sanders

  37. Aunt Jemima

  38. The Skipper

  39. Syd Barrett

  40. Richard Nixon

  41. Napoleon

  42. Village People Indian

  43. Laverne

  44. Shirley

  45. Rush Limbaugh

  46. James Knox Polk

  47. Alex Trebeck

  48. Ringo Star

  49. Julia Childs

  50. Bellhop

  51. Boy Scout

  52. A horse

  53. A jockey

  54. Hobo

  55. An astronaut

  56. showgirl

  57. Nurse

  58. UPS Man

  59. An Amish man

  60. African American Santa

  61. A Pirate

  62. Colonial figure

  63. Obligitory bass drum

  64. A slightly larger than life ceramic camel

  65. The Venus de Maillot

  66. Telephone booth

  67. Traffic light

  68. Windmill

  69. Happy Birthday Banner

  70. A traffic cone
    A green “Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful” road sign, complete with reflective tape flowers

Not including people already listed

Famous People:
Telly Savallis
Archie Bunker
Agatha Christie
Jane Lane

Farm Machenery
Television Antenna

Famous people from all fields basically just like “Pepper” but on the back they are all mooning.

And it has to be the actual people mooning.