If it takes 100 cartoonists 6 months to make one Simpsons episode...

…how do they have more than 2 episodes a year?

I was watching TV Guides Top 50 Shows (or whatever it was) and they mentioned the 100 cartoonists/6 months thing.

So do they have 30,000 animators? Seems unlikely.

Who can clear this up?


Who says they are working on one episode at a time?

They’ve been making simpson’s episodes for the past 100 years. Matt Groening died in 1962, but was frozen, along side Walt Disney. He will be revived in 2004, just in time for the Simpson’s movie, which has taken 93,000 animators 235 years to complete.

Maybe it’s 6 manhour months. Like:

6/100ths\mo * 100 people = 6 months