If Jack Bauer were an octopus

Check out what this octopus can do: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/octopus/media_players_blue/shark_hi.html

That’s one badass mofo right there.

THAT is freaking awesome.

So awesome that the page crashes Firefox and fails to load in Internet Explorer and Opera. What was it?

Mmkay. I had to download and install realplayer. You’re right. That is an eyeopener.

You need RealPlayer to watch it?
No, thanks.

I couldn’t get that to play smoothly in the office, but its still startling. Poor shark eh?

Holy smokes. Now I can tell my wife I have another good reason to stay out of the ocean!

Extremely cool. Of course, I’m a big fan of octupuses. Sharks are waaaay overrated.

Me too. I read someplace that if everything on Earth with bones were to die tomorrow, the octopus would be far and away the smartest critter remaining on the planet.

(As a Seattleite, this is a good incentive to go visit the aquarium again. “Hey, so, when are you planning to put another shark in the tank? Heh heh heh…”)

Pretty cool.

I just wanted to say that, after reading Japanese. Tentacle. Porn., I was worried that this thread could have gone quite differently.

How you like me now!?!


the “google video version” for non-real-players…