If Kavanaugh gets in and Roe v. Wade is overturned, what do you think that will look like?

I just can’t imagine it. Seriously, I just can’t.

I’m way past the point of ever needing one, but I’m literally shaking just thinking about this.

I honestly don’t know if the shaking is fear or anger or both.

It’d probably be the biggest boon to Democratic support in ages. It’d also likely result in lots of dead women, lots of abandoned babies, and many more terrible things. Not sure if that really answers your question.

It will look like fucking blood. Literally, and figuratively. It would be a bad, bad scene. Remember the prison riot scene in Natural Born Killers, the director’s cut with the warden’s head rolling around? Somehow apply that across an entire country.

I’d expect something more along the lines of extending the ability for states to increase limitations on abortion along the lines of Casey vs Planned Parenthood than just a complete overturning of precedent. That leaves us looking like the EU. Abortion is generally legal in Europe but also more restricted than is allowed in the US currently.

Since the ruling of Roe v. Wade was that states could not criminalize or restrict access to abortions, a lot will depend on the nature of a new ruling. Note that, as I understand it, the Supreme Court can’t simply make a ruling independent of a case (nor can it choose to revisit an earlier case that the Supreme Court had ruled upon) – so, technically, what would be happening is that a new case regarding state-level restrictions on abortions would work its way up to the Supreme Court, and its ruling on that case would effectively overturn the ruling on Roe v. Wade.

The net effect will be that, in most, if not all, “red states,” abortions will be either made completely illegal, or laden with so many onerous restrictions they’re effectively unavailable. It’ll likely still be available, probably with few, if any, changes, in most “blue states.”

I think kenobi 65 pretty much nailed it. Changes will occur on a state level and if you’re relatively well off and in a blue state it will likely not affect you, but if you’re poor and in a red state you’re going to see you options reduced to risking your very life for an illegal remedy, traveling out of state if you can afford it, or giving birth.

If the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade, I suspect the worst case would be to revert to the pre-Roe situation in which states would be permitted to outlaw abortions.* If this happens, abortions will immediately be banned in those states that have so-called “trigger laws” on the books. These laws are written so that abortion would immediately become illegal if Roe were ever overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. According to Wikipedia, this includes Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, and Virginia.

Women in these states who have the means to do so would have to travel to another state (or out of the country) to have an abortion. Other women will likely go to unlicensed providers or illicitly obtain abortion pills. Many of these unlicensed providers won’t follow normal standards of practice, or the pills may not be what they purport to be. As a consequence, women will die. :frowning: Abortion providers and women seeking or obtaining abortions will be prosecuted and jailed.

The laws in some states with these trigger laws may subsequently change, such as in Colorado. Others will likely not…at least in the foreseeable future, in states such as Oklahoma. Some other states will likely go ahead and re-enact laws outlawing abortion, such as in Texas or other Republican-controlled states. Ultimately, one might think that this would help overcome the chokehold that the GOP has on so many Southern and midwestern states, but I won’t hold my breath.

I’m not sure what happens after that. :frowning:
*In other words, I don’t expect either the Supreme Court or the U.S. Congress to ever outlaw abortions nationwide.

Another possible effect, I think, could be that states which criminalize abortions might also try to pass laws making it illegal for residents of those states to travel out-of-state to receive an abortion, or for physicians in those states to even discuss abortions with their patients.

“Pro-life” fanatics will morph from protesters to vigilantes, amatuer slueths searching out those clinics. Wouldn’t be surprised to see rewards posted online.

I don’t think overturning Roe v Wade even matters to conservatives. If I were a conservative I wouldn’t even want Roe v Wade overturned, not when so much damage to Roe v Wade has been done at the state level. Abortion has been mostly outlawed through steal legislation at the state level. If Kavanaugh helpd overturn Roe v Wade, he’ll kick off the second wave of feminism, and it will devour the country.

Well, it might devour the Republicans; the country would be fine.

It’ll look like it does now.

The south and plains states will ban abortion, while the northeast and west coast still have it. The midwest and southwest will be somewhere in the middle.

I guess it is easy for me to say as a man, but hopefully if it is overturned it’ll wake people up that yes, elections do matter and we not only need to vote but we need a 21st century voting rights act.

Abolish gerrymandering.
Make voter registration automatic.
Make voting mandatory.
Voting by mail as much as possible.
Expand early voting.
Make election day a national holiday.
Provide incentives to vote.
Basically if you live in a blue (or maybe even a purple) state, you won’t see any difference.

If you live in a red state and aren’t low in socioeconomic status, it’ll be an inconvenience but not a life ending one. You can take time off work to drive or fly to a state with abortions.

However the people in red states who are low in socioeconomic status are fucked.

This is a page from the CDC, showing the teenage pregnancy rates in each state, as of 2016:


What this shows is that nearly all of the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy are “red states,” many of which are already making it more difficult to receive abortions. I’m going to guess that, in many of those states, sex education in schools stresses abstinence-only, as well. Meanwhile, the lowest teen pregnancy rates tend to be in traditionally “blue” states.

If Roe is overturned, and abortion becomes illegal in those states with already-higher levels of teen pregnancy, we might see those rates go up even higher.

I do’t see an outright overturn happening. It would rally too much opposition. Even a lot of women who vote Republican would turn to the Democrats over something as blatant as an overturn.

Instead what will happen is an ongoing campaign of whittling away at Roe while keeping it technically in force. Abortions will theoretically remain legal but conservatives will continue to put obstacles in the way of any woman trying to actually obtain one.

Yes, the red states will outlaw abortion - and then they’ll take a run at birth control. Remember Kavanaugh referring to birth control as “abortion-inducing drugs” during his hearing?

Gotta keep 'em barefoot and pregnant, right?

You seem to be laboring under the impression that the Republicans are trying to enact the will of the majority.
They’re not.
As soon as Kavanaugh is confirmed*, there will be multiple cases brought to overturn Roe v. Wade in its entirety, depend on it. With a majority, the conservative justices will twist themselves into curls to find some way to overturn it. Bet on it being overturned within a year.
*I don’t believe he should be, but I truly doubt there will be any Republicans voting against him, and that’s all they need. Even Collins and Murkowski will quickly abandon their previous stance and vote for him.

I’m confident that the Republicans in office are a lot more interested in staying in office than they are in keeping their promises to their supporters.

As Robby said, there will be a thriving black market in abortifacient drugs.

In addition, I believe that women in states that allow abortion will set up “vacations” in their state with some fictional stated purpose, but whose real purpose will be providing abortions. I remember in pre-Roe days, there was a period of time in which abortions were not legal in Illinois (where I lived) but legal in New York. It was widely known that there were trip packages available that provided transportation to New York, lodging, and an abortion.

My Mom. 1968. Flew out of Minneapolis to New York, was supplied with a rental car, a map, and a carload of fearful young women. She took over, but she would have anyway. Got to the clinic, had it done, back to the airport and Minneapolis. No one in the family knew, but me. She asked me for help because I was a hippy who hung out with protesters and knew where to get illegal stuff.

Had a friend, went the alley route. Got an infection that didn’t kill her, but rendered her sterile. She became a pediatrician. And so it went.

No. Not just “No”, HELL NO!!!

There will be rioting in the streets.