If MLB strikes: What about my tickets?

The last time there was a strike, the idea of going to a major-league game was in the same Venn-diagram circle of my budget as buying a Porsche.

But now I’ve got tix to the 9/11 Braves-Mets game at the Ted and I’m wondering what happens to them if they strike. For the sake of argument, let’s say:[list=a][li]They strike briefly and are back to playing ball by 9/11, picking up the schedule where they left off (effectively pushing the game I have tickets to back x days where x is the number of days they strike).[]Same scenario as above, but the strike lasts beyond 9/11 before they return to playing ball.[]The season is cancelled.[/list][/li]
Anyone remember what precedents have been set in previous strike seasons?

If there is no game on the day you have tickets for, one of two things will happen:

  1. the game will be rescheduled and you can use your tickets for that day

  2. the game will be cancelled and you will get your money back

If the strike is brief and they are playing again by 9/11, most likely games scheduled for that day will be played as scheduled. The skipped games would be wedged in elsewhere or tacked on to the end of the season.

Thanks, BobT.

If I am unable to use my tickets for a rescheduled game, am I forfeiting them or am I refunded my money?

Games are rained out and made up at a later date all the time. If you examine the back of your ticket it will say that the date/time is subject to change. So if the game you bought tickets for is played, albeit eventually, I would not expect a refund. Put them on eBay.

If they give you a chance to attend a game, either at the printed date or a rescheduled one and you don’t go, the team will gladly keep your money.

A struggling team may be a bit more lenient if there’s a strike, but I would think the Braves would treat your request with a polite, but firm “Hah! Hah!”


Thanks to both.

Oh, well. Worst case scenario, I have a good argument for a second trip to Atlanta. :wink: