If more than a handful is a waste...

Then this would be a garbage dump of waste!


I don’t see the problem here.

Never mind waste, hell with those you’d be risking a sprained thumb.

“More than a handful is a waste.” Sorry but all experimentation and available evidence lead me to a different conclusion.

That said I’ll make the confession of having met the lady mentioned in the article a few years back and can say she’s quite a nice person. I no longer frequent such establishments now that I’m more mature. I’ll grugingly admit that there can be too much of a good thing (or thigies, both fake and real). If Ms. Storm were proportioned somewhat closer to the average it might not exactly be a bad thing.

Sheesh, time to change my sig. :rolleyes:

I’ve always felt that more than two armloads is a waste.

I’d always heard the expression as “More than a mouthful…”

In any event, my back ached just looking at that pic. Sheesh

Underutilized, perhaps. A waste, never.

When I had those pics done I had no idea they would end up here. Now that you’ve seen them,will you ever think of me the same way again?

That is one thing I have noticed to some degree in myself, and much more in my fellow man.

The size of breast that’s desirable in a woman you’re going to be in bed with is in no way related to the size of breast that is desirable in a woman you can only watch.

And interestingly enough, there seems to be a difference in what size is best for stills versus action.

Which of course also begs the caveat that regardless of what’s “desirable” in an abstract, just thinking about it fashion, when it comes to a woman I actually meet and might be spending time with, the size of her breasts is very near the bottom of my priority list.

(Now sensitivity level of what she’s got, that’s a bit higher on the list ;))


OMG! If she’s not careful she could smother someone to death with those things!


Actually, that is precisely the plot of Doris Wishman’s bizarre film Deadly Weapons, which starred the equally amazing (and acting-challenged)Chesty Morgan.

At least she admits that they are… um… enhanced. I’ve seen a few women where it was very obvious they had surgically enhanced theirs, but they flat out denied it and claimed they were real.

Sorry. Not even hardly.

Any breast that I can’t see is a waste.
Any breast that I can touch is perfect.

I don’t get it. If she had $30,000 for cosmetic surgery, why didn’t she do something with her face? It’s downright man-ish! Ewwww! (I suppose, of course, I was the only one who noticed her face?)

I’m with you brother. As I’ve always said, my preferred type of breast is “within reach.”

You’re my new hero, andyman!

Sounds painful to me.

I wonder how her back feels?

(Not feels to YOU, get your “mind” off of the picture… how her back feels carrying around 40 pounds of silicon and saline!)

You got me VV! I went to the link, read down the posts and got to yours. I couldn’t recall her face, so I went back to the link. Her face is rather man-ish.

As in what are they fit for? They can’t be sensitive to touch, with all the surgical severing of nerves. If there’s a pshychological charge about owing such a pair, then I suppose it’s all good, but I’d still have to consider it a waste. IMHO.

You think people actually LOOK at her face?

Sheesh, she’s a freak show.