If not Greenpeace, then who?

I was solicited yesterday by a Greenpeace volunteer to join/donate to their organization. Don’t know much about G’peace, other than that they work to protect the environment and that they’re also a bit controversial with regard to their methods of informing people about environmental issues in the world. I read this thread where some people think they’re a heavy propaganda money-making machine, and some others think they’re just fine.

I probably ought to give more than what I do to Audubon.

So what are some other environment-benefitting organizations I can support, if Greenpeace is not necessarily the best place to put my money? Or is G’peace just fine?

Friends of the Earth? World Wildlife Fund?

Well you are talking to the right guy, happens to be what I do for a living.

What organizations can you donate to? I always say to start in your own backyard. Seriously. Farmer’s markets and local green initiatives fizzle and die if no one supports them. And they are often under funded and short on participation. G-Peace and World Wild life find and the like are monster organizations that do great things. But they have whole departments that write grants, solicite funds, make commercials, etc…etc… where the local wind/solar coop starting up down the street from your house is faltering. Support the people seeking to improve your neighborhood and state. Support your state and local green initiatives and drives…those can and will pay off more to you personally than a computer generated thank you letter from green peace.

I run a fairly large local environmental conglomerate. We support nature and people who want to foster an environmental ethic. It;s that ethic that will translate into our children…that is what we need to do.

Green peace and WWF are great don’t get me wrong, but supporting the fledglings is where the future lay IMHO. Email or IM me for more info if you like.

Local groups will turn sites into good wildlife habitat. There’s a really nice wild foul habitat created by Ducks Unlimited around here.

The International Crane foundation in Baraboo helps breed rare cranes from around the world. They’re funded by donations. Here’s an article where one of the people won a $100,000 award and split the money 5 ways for crane initiatives.

I wish I could think of the name of this group that buys habitat that is unique and in danger of disappearing. They own a unbroken tract of wooded watershed between Baraboo and the Badger Army Ammunition Plant.

I’ve heard good things about the Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is what I was talking about.

I am a member of Green Peace but I understand the complaints against them.

I would recommend a group like the Sierra Club. Low on controversy, lots of local chapters in case you want to become active and a good solid reputation with low overhead costs.

I don’t know what area you live in, but in the NY/Hudson Estuary area is the group Clearwater and the sloops clubs scattered about the area. These groups have achieved many real results at low cost and low controversy and successfully put on annual festivals.

I am a member of every group I mentioned.

You might want to look into what groups act locally in your area. One of the best things is to get out and participate in the programs. Go to the meetings; help with the clean-ups or demonstrations. Help put on a festival.

I have had a chance over the last 18 years to meet Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen, that is kind of a cool bonus.

Clearwater was instrumental in cleaning up the Hudson River and educating thousands of kids about the environment. Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater help force our counties biggest polluter to clean up its act and worked in a coalition to stop a Garbage incinerator from being built.

It can all be quite rewarding.

WWF is another good organization.

I think part of your decision should be what aspect of the environment you are most interested in making a change in. For me it was Clean Water & Air and now it is Global Warming.

There is a common saying among many Green Groups.
**Think Globally and Act Locally. **


Great post What Exit? - and I’ll second the Nature Conservancy. I belong to a couple groupd that clean up the local estuaries and tidal zones near where I live. A few months ago in the height of the ummer we found a long-liners [long fishing net usually cast in 1,2,3 mile long nets] net washed up on the shore. It was stinking to high heaven, saddly to say it had a Loggerhead Turtle, and a juvenile harbor seal carcass wrapped in it. It was only a partial net, but it made the local papers. Unfortunately it brought a backlash of more militant folks out from the woodwork, and before long there were long liners complaining their gear was being cut out off Montauk.
It’s an unfortunate byproduct of good intending folks gone bad.

Anyone else thinking green?

I went to volunteer at Greenpeace once, in Minneapolis. They said no.

Where can I find cheap - if not free - ways to help? Bonus points if there are things I can do with my kids. I don’t have a lot of money, but I do have two good hands and a decent amount of free time. How do I find out about clean-up events or community gardens that need more hands or…I don’t know. I’m so ignorant of what I can do, I’m not even sure what to ask. But it seems like these groups must need something more than money, right? If I can’t give money, what can I do?

Side note/pat on the back: the toddlers have already figured out that before we leave for a walk around the block, they should go get a couple of bags for trash. We don’t try to pick up every piece, we say, “We can’t get it all, but we can get this piece right here!” (Otherwise our walk would be three hours long and they’d be melting down!) I’m trying to teach them that a little bit of effort is better than no effort at all. Yesterday one of them pointed to a group of young …uh, urban teenaged boys of the bling persuasion…and said, “Why don’t *they *pick up the trash, Mama?” I just grinned at the guys and said, “Kid’s got a point. I have a spare bag if you want one.” They actually smiled and said, “Sure.” I handed a bag over, and darned if these young “gangbangers” didn’t bend down and pick up a few empty candy wrappers from the side of the road! :eek: Guess they schooled me! :smiley:

ETA: Sorry, I’m in Chicago, north side. That’d probably be useful to know.

Unless someone from the Chicago area pops in, this would be your best starting resource: http://www.chicagoenvironment.org/

How about the Coustea Society?
“Educating people to understand, to love and to protect the water systems of the planet, marin and fresh water, for the well-being of future generations”

Sweet! Thanks!

I believe Pete Seeger mentioned that Cousteau was on of his inspirations for starting Clearwater. Use a boat to Educate the local population of the Hudson. He chose a large classic Hudson Sloop as it is eye catching and a “Native” boat.

WhyNot, you are most welcome. I hope you find the right group. Many of kid friendly (like Clearwater)


(…making a list of organizations to check out…)

Thanks, everybody!

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