If not M.D. Chapman, then who?

Assuming that Mark David Chapman hadn’t killed John Lennon, were there ever any other attempts on his life? If he were alive today, would he be as succesfull as Paul?

Well, considering Paul’s work in the 80s & 90s, yes, I think John would have been as successful. If you want to “imagine” something, how about a “Beatles Unplugged”? “Beatles Sorytellers”? Beatles performing at something like Live Aid?

Are you trying to disguise a GD as a GQ?

nope, I don’t want a debate, just an answer

It is pretty reasonable to assume that John Lennons career would have steadily taken off again.

Having been quiet for a nunmber of years he’d had commercial success with ‘Starting Over’ which was a bit of a surprise when it came out in the fall of his last year but he then showed it was no flash in the pan when he released ‘Woman’.

It might be that the resumption of his music career is what brought him to the attention of Chapman and had Lennon not done so another person would have been murdered instead.

Perhaps that is one of the most tragic aspects of our loss of John, that he clearly had more to contribute, and we all wanted to see what 5 years of silence and observation would have produced.
Thing is with John he might just as easily turned his back on it all when things started to take off.

FWIW I think he would have brought out more material but in such a way as not to compromise his privacy so I don’t imagine there would have been huge world tours but with John, well, you could never tell.

As for Paul McCartney, his career at the time seemed to be drawing to a close. I’d have said that his best material was history though he has had the odd noteworthy moment since.

I suppose that there was a reasonable chance that John would have eclipsed Paul but maybe too it would have inspired Paul on to better things.

Maybe that reunion concert would have taken place, maybe not.

:looks under lid: Nope, IMHO.