If Romney had won in 2012, would he be re-electable today?

Do you know anyone, or have you heard of anyone, that didn’t vote based on that comment?

Tend to agree with the general consensus – Romney would probably not have been too bad a president, and with the power of the incumbency he’d likely be re-elected. I suspect Trump would have busied himself with other means of shameless self-promotion. Though he probably would have threatened to run, just because it’s kind of a traditional thing he does every four years.

But I don’t think it’s partisan to point out that Romney was promising to adopt Paul Ryan’s budget strategy which was a pretty scary thing, and I think he committed to trying to abolish the ACA. The fallout from either of those things could have made him unpopular and vulnerable.

2012 was important for a few reasons, one of which was a possible SCOTUS nomination or two, and the other was to piggyback on the great things Obama did between 2008-2012 for the economy. I forgot what article I read it in, but there was a real sense that Obama’s economic plan plus Obamacare was going to be a real boost for the American economy, which it was. Romney boasted of getting the unemployment down below 6% after 4 years, Obama did it in 2. He boasted of getting gas down, Obama did that too (yes I’m giving him credit for it because conservatives always slam him if gas is high even if he has nothing to do with it, so he’s going to get credit when it goes down). Things were going this way well before 2012, we could see it, so that election was going to be about who gets to take credit for it. I think if Romney had been able to hedge his bets and keep some of Obama’s great economic policies in place, he would have been a strong contender going into the election because the people would have given him credit for it erroneously