If Saddam suggested Georege w leave USA would Americans be offended by that?

Georege Bush recently suggested that Saddam Hussein leave Irag and go into excile.
If Saddam suggested the same thing to George Bush do you think you would be outraged?
I don’t like Sadam either but who would I be to tell other countries how to run their internal affairs.
Like telling Afganistan to re-elect someone else as their leader?

Those who support Bush might be offended, but the kicker is, last I checked, there’s not a whole lot Saddam can do when Bush says “No” other then say “No” again. OTOH, There’s a lot more options Bush has when Saddam says “No”.

I’d personally be happy to see him go. Maybe living outside the U.S. for a while would give him some much-needed perspective. IMHO I think actual prior residence outside the U.S. should be as much a requirement for a President as being over 35, at the very least.

A foreign leader would express dislike for the United States? It would be unprecedented! We wouldn’t know what to do!

Sounds like a good idea to me, maybe a dictator exchange program

If you put Saddam in charge of the US, he couldn’t do worse than Shrub. At least, he can’t be charged with developing CBN weapons.

Until he starts experimenting with his new toys on them pesky Indian Reservations.

Cute. Oh, so cute! Why don’t you children toddle on over to GD where you belong?

Did the OP not foresee that those who voted for Gore (or thought they would have liked to if they had voted), would have a cute answer about being glad George W. was gone?

[ul]:smiley: [sup]At first I thought this was about the other George W. The one that crossed the Delaware River.[/sup][/ul]

Actually, the first word in the OP says “Gore” about as well as it says “George.” Did someone turn off the “correct spelling required” light?