If someone in a third world country tries to vote and has no arms, do they still use the ink stain?

The title is a little oversimplified, but the question stands. If a person in a third-world country where voters get their fingers marked with purple ink wants to vote but has no arms, how do the poll workers ensure that the person does not vote more than once? Does the ink mark go on the voter’s nose? What’s the procedure?

Well first of all only specific countries use the ink stain thing, its not universal and of the countries that do it each likely has different policies. One would think some common sense and human dignity require not marking people’s faces though.

Second your hypothetical double amputee voter would be so memorable to the poll workers the risk of voter fraud would be astronomically low.

First, yes, I know I’m generalizing. But it’s still a relatively common practice in countries where more technical solutions are impractical.

Second, what if the voter went to a different poll place?

the Blue Man Group got started based on a trip to such a country during an election.

I think this would be the case. They’ll know if the guy already voted, so there would be no need to mark him.

Uh, what about inking his toe?

In Pakistan depending on the polling station they either swipe your ID card on a machine if you have it (almost everyone does) and they mark you off on a list of voters that they have and you have to sign a column next to it. They do put ink on your thumb, but that’s mostly for show.

Just tracked down the Application of Indelible Ink guidelines from the Delhi State Election Committee

This kind of thing is why the Second Amendment protects our right to bear arms.

That’s great-- thanks!

The Second Amendment is to ensure that you cannot ensure that people don’t vote more than any one else illegally? It is against “one man one vote”? I am sorry, I don’t follow.

You are thinking way too highly and profound. It was a silly pun on the arms thing. “right to bear arms”…hahaha.