If The Moon Were Only One Pixel: Accurate Solar System Scale

This site really brings the solar system into perspective! :eek:

Hint: You’re going to be scrolling to the right for quite a while :smiley:

I’ve been scrolling for a while, and I’m at 1.9 billion miles. Space is boring.

And of course by “miles” I meant “kilometers.” I just passed 3 billion after a brief hiatus. Space is still boring.

And you thought it was a long ways down the road to the chemist’s…

In space, no one can hear you yawn.

I made it! It took a while be I hung in there!

This page makes similar comparisons and more.

I’ve linked to this page twice before at SDMB and hope I’ll be forgiven for that. I find the page stupendous! (And flash-video scrolling has some features browser scrolling lacks.)