If the SD wanted to make someone famous, could they?

Ok, say if everyone in the SDMB, well maybe not everyone… pulled together their resources, TV, news, word of mouth, do you think they could make someone famous? I don’t know what type of famous, maybe a musician or artist or the like.
Anyone here think the collective power of the SDMB could make this possible?

I selflessly nominate myself for this noble experiment. :cool:

If anyone cares to promote me as either a bellydancer or a Baker of Mighty Fine Pies…well, that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for love of SDMB.

To seriously answer the OP: Ya know what, I bet it would work. If Billy Ray Cyrus could be successfully promoted, then anyone could.

No reason why not. The trick is picking a completely novel way of doing that catches the public interest. And that’s not so easy. After that it just snowballs. Just about any non-deserving, no-talent can manage their 15 minutes that way. I’m happy to nominate bienville. :smiley:

There’s few things I’d hate more than being famous.

Mom? Is that you? :eek:

Fixed the title.

I dunno about that. Sure, there are a bunch of us hanging out here, but as for making someone famous outside of the SDMB? Cecil has been doing his column in the Reader for a LONG time, and has published several books over the years, but is he famous? The guy who writes the Imponderables books is probably more well-known among the general populace.

Most definitely I think it would be easy the only thing is that the person we made famous would have to have atleast one gimmick like being Rich, good-looking, or talented in some way, or being controversial.
So many people are celebrities for so many different reasons look at Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville they got famous for doing nothing but crazy stunt

That reminds me of something once my church was making this video and in the video one girl was supposed to be really rich and famous and of course going to hell…but anyway we had it set up where she gets out of a really nice car and the “extras” would crowd around her like paparazzi and autograph hounds and someone came up to her that wasn’t involved with the video and really wanted her autograph…I bet we could have had more than just the one person if we kept doing it.

OK, I’ll need an agent, a manager and a publicist (and some other hangers-on) … why? So that I can be Wonder Woman in that WW movie I keep hearing about :cool:

I don’t know about famous, but I bet the SD can turn out a fortune 100 company if everyone were to put their political and religious beliefs aside… I mean really successful. I don’t know what type of company though.

I think it’s no coincidence that the OP has a band. Methinks alterior motives are abound… nevertheless…

Fame is an easy thing to achieve, though using one primary resource (the SD) would surely only make one go down in infamy… and there is a difference between the two. If one really wanted to become famous, they’d have to use many avenues for success. Unless, if, say in a music sense, the music speaks for itself. Then, word-of-mouth will do the trick. However, slightly lackluster music may need a push in and of itself. Merely soliciting people on a message board will probably get you next to nothing. In fact, you’d be generally cast off in most circumstances. However, making yourself big in the area you play is the real key element. What you’d need to do is shake things up. Think of ways to advertise up and coming shows that people would never fathom. I have a few tricks of my own I’m waiting to unveil for my art, but if I told you any of them, they’d be stolen, quickly.
Now, if a person was an actor, I doubt the SD could do very much of anything for them. See, it all boils down to this: No matter what people have to be motivated, and they have to believe in what you’re trying to do – or they need to have some other goal in getting said person discovered. That said, if someone came to the message board and said “Make me famous”, unless there are record executives or casting directors trolling the boards (not impossible, but highly unlikely) or friends of said people who don’t mind bugging those people with “a random friend from the internet”, you’re not going to get very famous by the SD. In fact, the only real person who can help you get famous is you. That’s the bottom line.

Then again, I doubt any of this makes sense.

Correction on my previous post, the OP’s site link is a site for a band that used to include members of Matchbox 20.

Have you ever visited Great Debates or the Pit?

We can’t collectively agree on whether crunchy or creamy peanut butter is superior, how in the world could we get everyone behind a big ol’ grass roots movement? :stuck_out_tongue:

ooooh, “ot” instead of “to” :smack:

One word. Chocolate Incentives. :wink: :slight_smile:
And crunchy is superior :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had a band :rolleyes: oh if only I wasn’t tone deaf! :frowning:

Let’s hold auditions for a lab rat. This can be the “Fire Engine” Experiment… or for something a bit more classy, “The Behrendorff Experiment” :: spooky music :: :cool:

Oh, by the way everyone, have you heard of that great guy, bienville? Yeh, he’s really great. You should go see his show. He’s really great.

:wink: all it takes.