I want to be famous

I am no longer a newbie- this is my 100th post! Impressive, eh?

Now, I’m trying to decide how to become a SDMB star. Post dozens of messages an hour all day long? Make myself notoriously obnoxious? Begin an “Ask the English Teacher” thread? Guide others to enlightenment?

If you send me nekkid pis, I can guarantee you’d be a popular poster by the end of next week.

Send cash…lots of it.

You won’t be famous but Angkins will never forget you. :wink:

I’ll have some Canadian currency printed with your picture on it.

I promise.

I don’t think they count Canadian Tire money as currency…:wink:

Shhhhh… them there yankees can’t tell one coloured money from another, eh.

good point :wink:

Do you really want to hurt me…

Good plan! Whatcha got for us? Or, respond as needed in GQ.

BTW, welcome.

It’s kinda tough getting the clothes off the little [sym]p[/sym] buggers, though.

Well, those two are on the same page in my book. :smiley: Just kidding!!