SDMB Tackiness Contest

I think the tackiest thing to do on the SDMB would be to start a thread, then post to it over and over before anyone else got a chance to have their say.

I also think it would be pretty tacky to tell people to search for a post with the word ‘a’ in the title.

It’s also tacky to say mean things about posters who are no longer able to defend themselves.

also tacky: Replying to a poster that is banned and asking them questions.

Rufus, you must be stopped.
We’re all here for you, you know that…now just come down off that ledge and we’ll let you take the pretty purple pills you love so much.
Promise! :wink:

also: SDMB popularity contests.

I give up. It’s impossible to post in your own thread more than four consecutive times. :slight_smile:

… because once you’ve posted in it, it is no longer your thread. It belongs to the SDMB. Kind of like a river, only not so wet. Usually.

Ha ha!
Foiled you again!

Wait…is it you or Lando that is my arch nemeses? :dubious:
I forget.

So how do you go about getting an Arch nemeses around here?

Unless you’re included. In which case, they’re great.

Can you have more than one Arch Nemeses?

And if so, is the plural Nemesi?


Just…keep posting. One (or more) will turn up sooner or later. Trust me. :wink:

By definition one must have multiple nemeses, be they arch or not.

I wear navy and beige together.

I just kinda picked one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did meet a guy who was named Archie Emesis once. Told him he had a crappy last name.

I think it is really tacky to change the subject, like in that thread where some poster suddenly started talking about how big his penis is… Hey does anyone have a link to that one? I wouldn’t do that.

Not that it isn’t big…I don’t mean that. Shit who was that guy?

Posting any message in a distinctive typeface and color – something other then the default black Verdana – also gets on my nerves.