If the SDMB closed tomorrow, when would you say it "Jumped The Shark?"

For anyone not knowing of this phrases meaning, I implore you to click here first. And then visit the actual site by going here.

Like the answer in the first link, it orginally refered to TV episodes, but nowadays it can really apply to anything that’s gone on long term.

It’s more or less a defining moment of change that comes to something, good or bad (and of course, that’s subject to opinion), that makes it climax. So that everything afterwards is downhill…or at least never again getting up to as high as it was before.

As you’ll see from the second link if you browse a bit, “Never Jumped” is also an option you can choose. One that I think might be the majority of answers in this thread.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that this place is wonderful. Really…More than, actually. But I do think that if closing it’s doors tomorrow, I couldn’t say that it Never Jumped.
In my opinion, I’d have to say that when the SDMB switched to Paying to Post, it was jumping the shark.
What would your opinion be?

Oh, and please don’t turn this into a critisizing topic. It’s not a bitch and moan fest, just some friendly banter on when you think it might have jumped, or never jumped at all.

The place sems to change a bit over time, but it’s rarely dull or impotent for very long before something cool happens–either a really great new running joke begins or a classic irreverent GQ plumbs new depths of tastelessness while providing genuine and useful insight.

I think that as long as new and amazing penis ensues then the shark will not have been jumped. Pay for Play has nothing to do with it. this place jumps when we start to let people get away with wild unfounded statements without bothering to toss out a pestering “Cite?” The fight against ignorance employs critical thought as its primary weapon. When we set that weapon aside for the sake of comraderie, and the comraderie is part of what makes this place fun, then it jumps and degenerates into a club of self-proclaimed Smart People. Which isn’t worth hoey.

The Horror of Blimps

I am the ONLY person on earth to think the story was mildly amusing.

Either that or the LotR written by other people thread.

When it went pay to play.

When they let me join. :slight_smile:

When they outlawed “All you jumps belong to us.”

Dammit All your jumps belong to us.

August 7th, 2003