If the solution to the problem is a regex, then you have two problems

Finally, my kind of crossword puzzle. The kind for computer nerds, geeks and coders. Skip this thread if you don’t know what is a regular expression.

Now I have 40 problems: 39 regexps plus all the stuff I’m now not going to get done this week! Thanks a heap there UncleR! :smiley:

Reminds me first of this: xkcd: Nerd Sniping. With a side order of xkcd: Regex Golf

But at least a bitch isn’t one of them!

I did it! That was … interesting.

My pleasure. I’ll admit, I’m only about 75% done. The consequences for slacking off to do puzzles are quite steep around here for the next few days.

I did see on the inter webs where someone wrote a Haskell program to solve this puzzle. To me, that is even more intriguing than the puzzle itself.

You can view a regex as a string generator just as readily as a string recognizer.

Armed with a function to take a regex and return a collection of all matching strings of length n, the rest of the problem is just one of searching the 39 collections to find strings with matching values in matching spots per the puzzle geometry. For which task you *might *be able to use a regex :eek: :slight_smile: