If the U.S. economy took a 50% hit. What to invest in?

If something bad happened to the economy, I think it’s safe to say that over time, it will probably recover. History repeats itself, assuming the cause wasn’t a nuclear disaster. :eek:

So which commodities will recover the fastest and strongest? Where would you put your money, assuming it wasn’t tied up in stocks you lost?

In no particular order: Funeral Parlors, mortuaries, crematoriums, cemeteries, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon / Hughes, Rockwell and gold.

Don’t forget Boeing and Lockheed. And gold. Filthy luchre.

Energy, commodities and precious metals.

Porn. Lots and lots of porn.

Because you won’t be able to produce new porn when all the models are horribly mutated by radioactive fallout.


Times are good? Let’s celebrate!

Times are bad? Wallow in your sorrows.

In addition to agreeing with The Sasuage Creature and Otto, I’d suggest land - both arable farmland and urban real estate. The former will secure you an income in the hard times, because people are still going to need to eat. The latter is the long-term investment, looking to what will regain value when the economy recovers. Of course, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket - in the 1930s, somebody who bought real estate in Detroit wouldn’t have left the same nestegg for their grandchildren as one that bought in lower Manhattan. So spread the load, and buy into cities across the country.

Wilshire 5000. It’s the most diverse portfolio available. And a rifle; I’m amazed that Joad & Co. didn’t learn about the power of a turkey shoot from the other migrant community.

Don’t ignore 3M stock. Duct tape could be very valuable in case of a chemical attack, or so my government tells me.

Nah. Chances are much greater that any depression would be deflationary and any recovery would offer much better opportunities…

OP: Are you talking about what to do if you thought the economy was about to take a 50% hit, or after it did?