If there is snow on your car...

…please clean it off. I got a telescoping scraper/squeegie/brush for like $10. And I don’t have a lot of money, but I still bought one. Get one too. And get the damn snow off your car, because if you don’t, it’s gonna end up on mine while I am driving. And that is not cool. Kthxbye.

Snow is cool no matter whose car it is on, I think it has to do with physics.

Snow? What’s that?

It’s getting down to 37[sup]o[/sup] tonight…I’ll have to see if Ivylad will let me turn on the heater. He’s a damn polar bear…he loves it when it gets chilly.

IT IS??? Huh. I didn’t realize it was gonna get that cold. Yay!

And if there is snow on your car because snow is rapidly falling from the sky–Please Turn ON your HEADLIGHTS. Thank you.

Leaving the snow on your car just to show us flatlanders that you live in the mountains is very annoying. The next time I have to run my wipers because everybody behind you is getting pelted with dirty, melted snow from your roof, I’m likely to run you into a bridge abutment. There’s not a flatlander in the county who would convict me, either.

I have an SUV and I work hard to clear off a 2" by 2" square from the windshield if we get a hard snow. I can see out of it just fine if I close one eye. That seems to be plenty until the defrosters kick in real well about 10 minutes down the road. Anything more is wasted energy.

37 degrees for Orlando huh? I wonder how cold it will get to night here?

[checking weather.com…]

Tonight’s low near 55 degrees. I’ll keep the windows open and sleep well again. I like to have a little cocoon with just a breathing hole for my face. It’s cozy.

I love to finish the “unfinished sentence” thread names.

If there’s snow on your car …
… your garage has been stolen.
… you probably don’t live in San Diego.
… you need to quit wearing flip-flops to work.

I read an essay in the Des Moines newspaper last week, after an ice storm and a snowfall. I think it was about irony.

Anyway, the guy wrote about kids waiting at a school bus stop who thought it was fun to run out in the street and make drivers brake and slide to avoid hitting them. Miraculously, none of the kids were injured, and also miraculously, none of the drivers got out of their cars and kicked the stuffing out of them.

But a few blocks away, a little girl was walking to school by the side of the road (no sidewalk). She was struck and killed by a driver who hadn’t bothered to defrost her windshield before getting on the road.

Sorry, I can’t agree with you on that one. A friend of a coworker was walking to the trolley stop a less than 10 minutes from her home few weeks ago when whe was hit by a driver who followed your philosophy. Now, I admit that the driver was a teenage girl who was talking on her cellphone while driving, but she might have had a better chance of seeing the woman she hit if she’d cleaned off a bit more of her windshield. The woman she hit wound up with a fractured pelvis, I think, and yes, when the driver approached her, the driver really did say “I have to hang up and call 911 now.” (If I was whooshed, I apologize.)

You may have a space big enough to see through, but that won’t stop snow blowing off your car and onto mine, or onto me if I happen to be walking up to my bus stop. I admit I do tend to leave a bit more room behind someone who hasn’t brushed his car off, simply because I don’t care to be blinded by blowing snow more often than I need to.

I think I hear a whooshing sound… Or is that just snow coming at me from a monster SUV?

One the one hand, I agree that it is at best annoying, and at worst hazardous, if the person in front of you hasn’t cleaned off their vehicle properly. I’ve always made sure to brush all the snow off my car before driving for that reason.

On the other hand, I’ve recently discovered that in Nebraskan winters, you’re sometimes lucky just to get the doors open. We had a scraper/brush thingy, until my husband broke it chipping the ice off his truck.

I have enough trouble with tailgaters when it’s warm and sunny out. I’ll be damned if I’m going to wipe away what little deterrent Ma Nature has given me. But yeah, I clear the glass at a minimum, I don’t wanna smack someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Hoo boy, I hope I’m being whooshed. We just did this last February, and it wasn’t pretty.

Long story short, it’s not just tailgaters that you’re putting in danger. Stop it, and clean off your damned car.

I knew this seemed familiar. When I saw the titled, my first thought was that someone made a zombie.

::grabs a bag of popcorn, waits for the train to wreck::

My favorite when I lived up north were the tools who couldn’t be bothered to try getting the ice off the windshield and or top of the car so that as it warmed up, a huge sheet of projectile ice would come flying and hit my window at 50 mph. There’s a jolt that will wake you up!

puts on flip flops, goes out to get the mail, and thanks God for living in south, south FL

I find that my angled broom does the best job at removing snow. Those itty bitty brushes that are mated with scrapers just aren’t big enough!

If there’s snow on my car then I have woken up in the wrong part of the country.

Even better is when the humongous, thick sheets of ice come flying off the tops of tractor trailor trucks. That always takes about 5 years off my life! At least they have an excuse as it’s damn hard to get up there to clean.

I can’t stand the “peephole cleaner” crowd.