If there is snow on your car...

It’s not that I can’t afford a brush, I just get tired of it after 15 inches. I said in the first such thread of the season that I try to get every bit off, but I think I lied because after three storms in four days, I’d say I get 80% off.

And when I’m driving along the road in the opposite direction with no way to avoid your wall of Snow Deterrent, I’m just collateral damage…?

A couple winters ago I actually saw a guy get pulled over into the bus stop across from my house and ticketed for not clearing off his car. It was a beautiful sight. Wish I’d taken pictures.

37 here too. Celsius, though. :smiley:

clear snow off the windshield? Who needs to see? I’ve got GPS and cruise control - I just set my speed and destination, then climb into the back seat for a nap. Isn’t technology wonderful?