If there is something with ____ on the menu, I won't order it!

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So here’s the thread, What food ruins all other food for you?

I won’t order anything that has bell peppers (capsicum) in the description.

I think anchovies are disgusting, not just the taste but looks too.

Anything deep fried, breaded, or tending towards heavy fat and grease.

Anything involving organs.

This one is harder than the other way around because I can easily (and often do) order without the offending item…

I’d say anything with mayonnaise or sour cream in the sauce so that ordering without was not an option. And as I mentioned in the other thread I won’t order (or stay at the restaurant) any food with which I have ethical concerns so things like foi gras, veal, Chilean sea bass, and some others are right out of the question.

Anything with cheese, except maybe some mozzarella.

Any kind of shellfish. It’s silly, but it’s me.

blue cheese

Doubly so for bleu cheese.

As I said in the other thread: I love squid but deep-fried battered quid rings is something I avoid - nearly all tapas places over here have it. I’ve only had one occasion when the rings didn’t turn out all rubbery and greasy; I’ve had a few occasions where trying to bite off a piece resulted in a face splattered with hot oil.

Other stuff: marzipan and similar things where the main ingredient is sugar.

I will eat practically anything else.

What’s your objection to veal?

Probably the way that veal calves are treated and confined:

That’s pretty much it. And it doesn’t apply only to veal. I have no objections to eating animals, but I still want them to be treated as humanely as possible before they make it to my dinner plate.

There is also the less rational thought on veal of being a cute, baby animal (and there are other foods I won’t eat based on cuteness) but I won’t let the irrational side of me keep me from a good restaurant. :wink:

Eggs. As an ingredient, maybe–but if I can taste egg, I’m not having any.


Hmmm, these quid rings don’t look particularly greasy :wink:

Water chestnuts.

Veal and foie gras, same reasons as MitzeKatze.

Anything slathered in barbeque sauce. Apparently I’m not a true Southerner.

hehe. I can’t think of anything, really! I do avoid fried foods in general, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Mushrooms. I might be willing to try a dish with them if they’re easily removable like a burger or pizza. But even then they’d likely have left some of their vileness behind. So that would only be a last resort if there’s nothing else on the menu that looks good.

Reminded by jimm’s post in the other thread: scallops. :slight_smile:

Seconding mushrooms.