If There Was Any Doubt..

I think this post removes it all. Now I know for sure why BedStainBoy4 is so annoying. This post is from the current Favorite User Name thread.

Of course you can try to deny it, bedboil, but I won’t buy it.

Jayburner and 2Sexy are the same person, an ip check will show that, and he went after me hardcore at the www.hardwarecentral.com site where I am an active member. He was so crude in his attacks that he was banned from the site and legal action was threatened by the Site Administation there. If he’s here, I absolutely without question guarantee he is a mole.

You can contact Michael Jarmark of Hardware Central Administration for details of that encounter with this user. mjarmark@internet.com

-SS :mad:

And bedboy, while not yet quite as abusive, is getting there. To me, it is apparent that they are all one and the same. Everytime it gets itself banned from this board, it pops up with yet another incarnation, pretending to be a brother or simply a supporter. (sock puppet)

Signature for Chrome Toaster:

I will not be used!! Oh, wait, I’m an appliance. Never mind…

Death to all fanatics!!!

Wally, you’re a gentleman and a squalor. Oh, wait, that’s not right…
You are the coolest.

I will not be used!! Oh, wait, I’m an appliance. Never mind…
(sig from the endlessly creative mind of WallyM7)


Be sure to inform either Ed Zotti or TubaDiva (or another moderator, of course) per e-mail of your experience with our Boy Wonder. I think Tuba’s mail adress can be found on the main page.


(This is where one puts the I-do-not-actually-work-for-the-Straight-Dope-Disclaimer these days…)

Likely Voted to Poster Most Drunk

WallyM7 on Coldfire:
"Yeah, he knows a little about everything because they have a good prison library."

This problem has been dealt with.

your humble TubaDiva
The Straight Dope

You know, suddenly I remember in a thread about pulling infamous pranks IRL, his one-line response was something along the lines of, “I’m doing it right now.”

Gentlemen, we have liftoff…

Thanks, Tuba!


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