If trump died

If trump died now, would that be Good for American Democracy or Bad?

On one hand it would disperse the trumpist wing, with all those nutcases.

OTOH, those nutcases seem to be hurting the GOP in some elections.

Honestly I am not sure. Now, I am not wishing death upon him, but if that happened- wold it be Good or Bad?

I don’t know how good or bad it would be but the conspiracy theories would certainly be entertaining.

A Biden/Clinton/Romney/Jewish laser conspiracy!

Is this a trap? I think a rule here is that one is not to wish harm or death on anyone even if it’s an outside party and not another poster. So, do I lie, or do I risk a reprimand?

Good point. I will bet dollars to doughnuts (hmm, maybe that needs to be sawbucks to doughnuts now) that Hillary dressed in a ninja suit would feature in a few .

Personally, I always lie.

I’ve given a lot of thought to this. (lol)

In my opinion, it would help temporarily, but it wouldn’t help in the long run. As Trump is a symptom of the GOP and not the cause.

This assumes Trump dies of obvious natural causes. If he gets offed by some extreme left-wing nutter, it might help the GOP.

And yeah, I know, no matter how he dies, the MAGAS will be sure to blame it on some sort of crazy Democrat conspiracy.

This is NOT wishing death. It is what would happen IF he died. This has been speculated upon in several threads already, as what would occur elections-wise.

I think the Right would claim it WASN’T “natural causes”. They would claim a Left conspiracy. A Trump clone would seize the banner to rally the troops and become the new hero of the Right.

Only one way to find out. :expressionless:

Trump did not create the forces that he ultimately harnessed into winning the Presidency, and then used to increase his vote total four years later. Nor is he so unique that only he could reassemble the Trumpist coalition, especially now that he’s proved it can be a winner. I expect that Trump’s effect on our politics will outlive him by decades.

I can’t see how it would be overall bad. I’m sure CTs would sprout like lies at a Trump press conference but maybe some GOP pols would get a spine and push back on The Steal narrative.

Of course there would be a mad rush to the grave site by some Republicans to try and pick up his mantle, so maybe not.

A good thing. No matter what else might happen, it would lower the chances of him ever being re-elected to zero.


You underestimate the amount of insanity that has infected the right wing.

Nope. There would still be a 5% chance of him winning Weekend at Bernie’s style.

I’m guilty of thought crime.

I’m trying to combine “Better dead than Red” and “Better a Russian than a Democrat” to come up with the next GOP slogan.

Better dead than Dem?
Better late than lib?
Better cold than Kam?

… and give Don Jr. the opportunity he’s been waiting for.

Trump Everlasting, next he’s a NFT with his DNA on the blockchain. :dna: