If Wiccans respect the earth, then........

… why was this Wiccan driving a sword into the Earth as a part of a Wiccan ritual??

Half-amused, half-curious. If I revere the earth as the source of life, etc. etc. then why would there be a ritual that involves stabbing it?


At least they’re not cannibalizing their God like some religions I can think of…


The sword is a phallic symbol, and Wiccans love the earth in both symbolic and real terms.

It depends on what tradition you follow. For example one ritual that Buckland describes in the “Big Blue Book” is to prepare an athame (ceremonial dagger) for use. The ceremony calles for sprinkling water on it, passing it the the flame of a candle, waving it in the air and stabbing it into the ground. The principle is that you are introducing it to each of the four elements for blessing.

It’s not showing a lack of respect for the earth, but rather asking the earth to bless your ceremonial tools.

I see.

And, impaling one’s own foot? :eek:

According to the article, an accident.

In all seriousness, Wicca is a religion of sorts that’s basically been cobbled together from a variety of fictional sources, sort-of-pagan lore, and sheer imagination just in the last forty years or so. It doesn’t really have any central point to it.

Careful about describing Wicca in terms that, minus the timeline, can describe most of the world’s major religions. And it most certainly does have a point to it, as this story amply demonstrates.


Performing a good luck ritual… stabbed own foot… Methinks she was doing it wrong.

Epic Fail.

(eta: The woman in the link, not the OP. Sorry for any confusion).

They got it all wrong. Earth had a sword stuck in its side and she was yanking it out.

Actually, Gardner’s Witchcraft Today dates back to 1954 if I remember correctly, making it 55 years old, not 40. There is some evidence that much of his source material dates back to the 1920’s, which is pushing 80 or 90 years.

Just nitpickin’ a bit…

You’ll get no argument from me there.


Well, she hadn’t finished the ritual yet. :slight_smile:

No, no, no. According to the article, it was “to give thanks for a recent run of good luck.” I assume that run of luck has now ended, and spectacularly so.

My thought was that she just paid the bill for that run of luck.

And the luck didn’t cost an arm and a leg either…

Yeah well, you give the Goddess an inch and she’ll take a foot. :stuck_out_tongue:

– golf clap–

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