If ya got one, whip it out....

Now I am not saying mine is anything special, but I think its nice and serves its purpose fairly well. Some people have made rude comments about it, but other have said it was nice. Who knows, maybe they where just being nice…

Soo now that I have your attention. If you have a personal homepage lets see it!


Now I cannot take credit for my page, one of our fellow SDMB’ers made it for me (thanks BornDodgy ma’am)




blush my name was mentioned… hehe


I kinda sorta have one. But it’s on crosswinds and last year they had a problem in which they lost the majority of the files on many of their accounts, including mine. And I didn’t have copies of them. So, while I reconstructed (most of) the pages pertaining to the mailing list I’m on (lest I be lynched), the farthest I got on the rest was a note on the front page promising to get around to redoing the rest of the site.

But here it is, if you’re interested: My Page

Yours looks better than mine…

My homepage is http://w3.spancity.com/jayjaybear/index.html

Spancity is down at the moment, but hopefully that’s temporary. Not that there’s a lot to see there, anyway. I have exactly four anthro pics that are only marginally naughty and a guestbook.

I’m going to be trying to move the site to a fur-friendly server soon, so as to be able to put up some of my other pieces without violating any TOSes. But for now, they’re at the address above. Even if you can’t get there from here right now…


Here ya go


Mostly it holds a lot of Dopefest pics, some of me, and a lot of songs I like. :slight_smile: Yer typical homepage, I expect…

Freedom Photography

It’s worth all the time, effort, money and bruises.

Stepping up to claim the award for Lamest Home Page . . .

(I had never done one before, and when I noticed that I had free Web space with my ISP account, I took 45 minutes out of my busy day and created a Web page. Haven’t had time to get back to it.)

Mine’s pretty basic. hoping to add more flash, java, and such as I learn more. It’s got some nice backgrounds from famous artists though, and even a few pictures I’ve done myself.

also has a photo or two on it


Hard decision wether or not I d like to be a cat in my next life judging from scratch’s webpage…
What kind of drugs do you regularly feed those animals in the pics :wink: ?!


Mine is about as exciting as poop.

I really must be updating it this summer…


3Weasel inc.


I used to update it, but now the pieces of my computer that I did it on are strewn about my room.

Click the little red house right below this.

You definitely do not even come close to having the lamest webpage, Scarlett. At least you have a cute dog on yours. :slight_smile:

I dunno… my page ain’t so great, but it gets the point across. I am totally NOT happening when it comes to website stuff, but Grok, who knows much of the webpage-building mysteries, has offered to help me improve my sorry state of affairs. I used the freebie PageWizard thingie you get with Yahoo Geocities to set this up. (Hee! Betcha couldn’t tell!)

For the nonce, then, please go to:


Scarlett67, that is one seriously cute doggie.

Tokiwoki and I have one here!

Heya! I have one! And i’m just dying to show it off! It sux, because I honestly forgot everything I learned in Web Page Design class, and so I just used a WYSIWYG thing :slight_smile: