If ya like Alysson Hannigan, may I present Beverly...

Beverly Mitchell, aka Lucy Camden of SEVENTH HEAVEN.


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And pictures.

I don’t see the Hannigan connection. Or the appeal.

Beauty’s in the eye of the holder and all that. :slight_smile:

I don’t see the Alysson hannigan connection either. She’s cute and has a more voluptuous figure than Ms Hannigan and she’s certainly younger, but she’s not really my cuppa.

And might I suggest a cold chower, FriarTed? You start a thread about Mrs Octavius, now this! Geez, slow down! :wink:

RE Alysson-Beverly- REDHEADS, dude! G

A cold chower?!?!? Does that involve chowder? :wink: Actually, I’ve been meaning to post about Mrs DocOck/Donna Murphy since I saw the movie last week. I just happened to remember her this morning, when I was posting about Beverly (while watching 7th HEAVEN).

I’ve also been meaning to post about my appreciation of humorist Larry Miller (except for his being in that awful CARNIVAL OF SOULS remake), but my appreciation of him differs from that I have for Donna, Beverly or Alysson.

Who am I kidding? I was just reading this thread. Not that I’m a prevert (sic) or anything.

Uhh… Beverly’s a blonde.

Depends on the episode, she’s also had sandy. light brown, ash brown, etc hair.

Hey, Alysson’s hair has been mousy brown to strawberry blond on BtVS! L

Certainly cute, but she looks a bit young. How old is she? But definitely post this thread again in a few years.

And from the pictures, it looks like her hair is naturally brown and sometimes dyed blonde, but I didn’t see any red ones in the lot. Certainly, she looks better as a brunette.

She was born in 1981. Some of those pics are probably from the past few years (apparently 7thH has been on for eight years, I just started watching it on ABC Family this year). And I guess the “red hair” is a matter of perspective. Some of her brownish hair shots, I’d consider leaning to red. YMMV S