If ya missed MetallicA

this time around, you’ll get your chance to experience the warlords of heavy metal … MetallicA is planning to kick off a U.S arena tour starting in February of 2004 … n I can’t wait … I caught 2 shows … May 18 at the Filmore for fan clubbers only n the Seattle show Aug 7 … they just get better n better … the brotherhood vibe is back … n Rob fits like a deerskin glove … nobody kicks a** like the Masters … :smiley:

I keep missing Metallica, every time they come around.

My rifle sight needs fixing.

I don’t miss 'em.

CP - Do you seriously like the last album? Have you noticed how the radio airplay is almost nil? We talked about it here before, and it was agreed that it sucked.

Man I wish I woulda caught 'em 15 years ago. Or even sweeter 20 years ago.

Wouldn’t bother now I’m afraid. Well, maybe if they came up with a good album or two.

Maybe if Lars decided to trade in his trash cans for real drums (with the snares turned up on the snare drum) and if they were a tad happier in general, they wouldn’t be too bad.

I’ve grown increasingly disappointed in their musical “growth,” but they do still put on a great live show, and from what I hear they’re playing a lot of older stuff in their sets on this tour.

I think Metallica’s litigiousness has deprived them of the right to be referred to as “warlords.” And if that didn’t, then their last three albums did. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen Metallica twice - I remember the first was in '97, the second may have been a year later - and they did put on a good show, even if their music is less my bag than it was then (and I was never into metal to begin with). While I haven’t seen them since, “miss” isn’t the word that comes to mind.

The one and only time I saw them was around 1986/87 and will see them again next week in Dublin. I’m certainly hoping that they’ll play a lot of the older stuff, as I suspect will the majority of the crowd. I don’t possess a copy of anything later than And Justice For All so my attendance is really just a trip down memory lane. The show is in the RDS, an outdoor venue that holds about 30,000. Linkin Park are on the bill as well so I’ll enjoy watching the youngsters get exited. I’ll be in the seated area with the rest of the Metallica fans, recently changed out of our suits having come straight from work, clapping politely at the end of each ditty. If they are as rebellious as their fan base, they’ve probably gone out on a limb and not fixed their mortgage interest rates.

Still, if it’s even a patch on the gig they did in the tiny venue that is the SFX in the eighties, I’ll go home smiling.

I was singing along at one of their concerts and got arrested by the RIAA for copyright infringment :smiley: