If you become one of the uber-rich, what weird or eccentric crap would you buy or bui

If you become one of the uber-rich, what weird or eccentric crap would you buy or build?

I was thinking that I would like to build a shower room. It would be a large room that would shower hot water from all sides and would have enough water heaters so that it could run non-stop, and I would just sit cross-legged in the middle of it and, I dunno, meditate or something.

Then there would have to be the room with a million monkeys at a million typewriters. But the shower thing comes first.


I think I’d build a few churches (liberal christan ones, of course) and then several homeless shelters (after I bought two or three brothels and a couple of casinos in Nevada). :slight_smile:

The Star Trek franchise.

I’ve always wanted my own Senator.

EMI Records and all of its holdings.

I’d buy Clear Channel and Cumulus Broadcasting, liquidate the companies and sell off each radio station they owned to individual owners. Like the old days.

I’d buy John Fogerty’s publishing back from Saul Zaentz and give it back to him for free. By the same token, I’d buy out Art Rupe and give Little Richard the money he’s been owed for 45 years.


I’d get one of those fountain drink dispensers. Soda ALWAYS tastes better coming out of one of those dispensers. Oooh, and one of those little dispenser guns like bartenders have.

The Ultimate Napmobile. It IS more than just a dream. sniff

I’d build a house with a 1,500 foot tower. On that tower I’d put a 23 mm anti-aircraft gun.

I’m a pragmatic eccentric, if nothing else.

Note to self: do not accept dinner invitations to Airman Doors’ house, until I get myself that shiny Challenger 2 tank with optional silly-string launcher.

It’s been a longstanding dream of mine to create an exact replica of Cinema de Paradiso. I’d sit in the top section and spit, pour hot coffe, etc on the commoners below.

I’d have a giant, wall-to-wall bed. I could roll about as much as I pleased. :slight_smile:

Empress, thats definately going on my wish list!

I’d buy my own island! Then I could throw big parties and have bonfires whenever I want! And I’d have private planes to ferry my friends back and forth!

I think it’s about time that Pyramids came back in fashion, have an Uber-rich pyramid building revival. But that would be for my mausoleum.
I like Empress’s bed idea maybe combined with Maud’ib’s shower idea as en-suite bathroom, and don’t forget the team of monkey butlers.

Uber-rich or not…

It is one of my hopes to one day own the gun that will be pried from Charlton Heston’s cold, dead hands.

I’d have a dome-home campus, with one dome being nothing but my bedroom. (And I have **got ** to have one of Empress’s beds!) All connected by walkways. With about a billion wind-chimes, just cause I can!

Complete with housekeeping staff and Alton Brown as my personal chef. :slight_smile:

  1. What I would do is out-bid all the other donors combined and give money to somebody in each category who would refund all his other donations.

And they’d all promise to cut all big money out of future campaigns.

One last bought campaign to end all bought campaigns.

  1. I’d pick some loser nation, like Haiti or Yemen, and solve all it’s problems - build schools and hospitals and ports, etc.

I would spend my life being THE high bidder on ebay.

I would build a really big tree-house, with many different parts occupying different trees, all connected with ladders and stairs of various sorts.

And I’d make a hedge maze in the shape of the original Pac-Man game.

One of the things I’ve decided to get when I win the lottery (power of positive thinking, don’tcha know) is a collection of particular vehicles. A mostly-white porsche, a red semi, a yellow VW bug (Classic style) … probably a Walther PPK, though it’s a gun and not a vehicle … and several others.

I should hope the pattern is obvious to some of you? :wink:

Hint : I’m the biggest geek ever.

How rich is **Uber-Rich in your opinion?

If it’s the ability to buy anything you want (with-in reason and with wife approval) at anytime then lets talk…if its the ability to buy the Yankees then I can’t help ya…