If you could go anytime on vacation, when would you go?

You win a free vacation. You get to travel back in time and get to stay for a fortnight. As part of the package you’ll get a universal translator implant to deal with language issues as well as near perfect facsimiles of period clothes, gear, and currency if applicable.

Equatorial New Guinea, namely the islands off the coast.

Depends on where I’m going. Probably summer if I was going somewhere beach-oriented, but winter if I was headed on a ski trip to the Alps. I’m too tech-dependent to go back far in time, so I’d just figure out what time had the best conditions for my destination.

Amendment: can I benefit from the time travel? As in, use what I know to my future advantage? (invest in stocks, or bet on an event, etc)

No, somehow the timeline will correct itself (or everthing you did in the past actually did happen and you’re a part of history). You wouldn’t be able to change the past or set up stock options for yourself.

Ok then I stand by my original statement that I’d just pick a spot that sounded like a fun vacation and find a time when conditions were right for it. Boring, I know, but if you go very far into the past you get into what is for me “icky hygiene territory” and I just don’t think it would be a very fun 2 weeks.

Christmas in Mississippi, 1991. I’d go home and spend two weeks with my aunt, telling her all the lovely things I thought of her, and spoiling her rotten, knowing that on the 7th of January, 1992, she would trip on her robe while getting the paper, fall, hit her face on the bumper of a car parked in the driveway and shatter her cheekbone. Two days later, a blood clot from that injury would cause a stroke, and she would die at the age of 88.

If I couldn’t change that happening (the timeline repairing itself as mentioned upthread), I’d spend those two weeks with her, you bet. If I could somehow work in to tell her I’m fine, that I was going to have a son in a few years, and he would be fabulous, all that much the better. And just before my two weeks was up, I’d say goodbye, instead of “I’ll call you tomorrow.”


Jerusalem, Easter, about… uh… 1970 years ago. And I’d want a map of where the tomb is.

I travel into the future, July 25th 2007 to be precise. I’d go to Martha’s Vineyard.

And do I really get a fortnight? Cool, as all I can afford is 8 nights.

Probably March 3, 1966 - I’d want to meet my mother (I’m adopted).