If you could perform one song perfectly in front of an audience ...

… what song would that be?

Lets pretend all your performance anxiety and lack of musical talent just withers away. You now have the ability to perform one song (and play any instrument for that song) flawlessly. There is an audience of 100,000+ people waiting for you who are all die hard fans of whatever song you happen to chose. What song would you pick?

My choice would be Born to Run. If god wrote a rock song meant for the stage it would sound exactly like that.

It would have to be everything that made this work for Frank, with me as Frank: Frank Sinatra - I’ve Got You Under My Skin and that just never could happen, but damn if it could!

Interesting question.

I reserve the right to change my mind, but the first song I thought of was:

Twist and Shout.

The Queen of the Night aria from Magic Flute.

*Heroes. * No idea why.

Bohemian Rhapsody as a solo

Teen Angel. I have, and I killed.

Tough choice. Either *Who wants to live forever *or *The show must go on *(both by Queen).

Son of a Preacher Man!

  • A Marvin Gaye authentic/soulful rendition of Heard it Through the Grapevine.

  • A Chris Cornell-killing version of, I dunno, pretty much anything :wink:

I sing in a rock band - it is really, really fun to work an audience up into a lather while delivering quality product. :wink:

Cheerfully ignoring the restrictions in the OP, I choose to perform one role…either Jesus or Judas, in Jesus Christ Superstar.

John Cage’s 4’33’’

No, really.

From the OP:

A hundred thousand people who are keyed up to tune into the music that stems from an absence of instruments. Not the incidental pauses between pieces but focused silence and attention to sound that inescapably escapes into the room. Not a smattering of folks who read the wiki article and have to put up with otherwise bored folks making noise or conversing nonetheless, but a hundred thousand folks who are die hard fans of the concept. A hundred thousand participants. Being at the epicenter of that would be mind-blowing.

I think you’re on to something here. The song I always fantasize about just *killing *at a karaoke bar is Somebody To Love. Though the OP’s choice is also a great one.

Nessun Dorma.

If I had a second shot, it would be to do both guitar parts (Duane’s and Dickey’s) to Stormy Monday on the Fillmore East album.

“I, Don Quixote” from Man of La Mancha

“Hear me now, oh thou bleak and unbearable world - thou art base and debauched as can be! But now comes a knight, banner bravely unfurled, and hurls down his gauntlet to thee!”

I never quite seem to remember that this song is meant ironically.

Free Bird!! So I could shut up the drunk asshole at the bar.

ETA: Okay so I re-read the OP and apparently we’re not at a bar. Still, Free Bird would be a sick song to play flawlessly.

Sultans of Swing

(the guitar work on that song just leaves me speechless)

“Life By The Drop”. Probably because I just wish I could sound like I have that much soul.

La Vie en Rose