If you could pick only 3 movies to see this year...

Which ones would they be?

My choices are:

  1. The Hulk 2) Matrix Reloaded 3) Return of the King

Although I so badly want to see Xmen 2 also, I think I’d like to see what a big fucken green giant can do :slight_smile:

How about you guys? Great year for flims!

Matrix 2
Matrix 3
The Return of the King

  1. Far Side of the World, Master and Commander

  2. Matrix 2/3

  3. tie - Bulletproof Monk and The Hulk

I would go back and see CHICAGO three more times.

Well, since only the Big Fat Blockbusters are really publicized this early, I’d say…

  1. Return of the King
  2. Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions
  3. X2 - originally had no interest in it, but I saw the trailer and it looks fun. And the first one was darn entertaining.

Three movies, huh? Heck, that’s more than I went to all last year.

The only must see for me is Return of the King.