What summer blockbusters are you interested in seeing?

So the summer movie season is fast approaching, and as I noticed in the Captain America topic, there’s a lot of big releases coming out this summer. I didn’t want to hijack that topic, so here’s the list again. (My definition of summer and blockbuster are fairly arbitrary)

April 29th - Fast Five

May 6th - Thor
May 13th - Priest
May 20th - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
May 27th - Hangover 2
Kung Fu Panda 2

June 3rd - X-Men: First Class
June 10th - Super 8
June 17th - Green Lantern
June 24th - Cars 2

July 1st - Transformers: Dark of the Moon
July 15th - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
July 22nd - Captain America: The First Avenger
July 29th - Cowboys & Aliens
The Smurfs

Batting clean-up in August:
August 5th - Rise of the Apes (no idea what direction they’re going with this movie, but I figure James Franco + CGI Monkeys = Blockbuster)
Pretty much every week has a new big movie coming out. We’re heavy on quantity this summer, quality has yet to be determined (no Christopher Nolan movie this year, but we do have a J.J. Abrams movie. I wonder if they’ll just alternate every summer.)

So what do you want to see?

Super 8 – I loved Cloverfield, and liked the premise (but not the execution) of Lost, so I’m very much intrigued by what little we’ve been shown.

Kung Fu Panda 2 – I though the first one looked stupid, but ended up finding it hilarious. Though I fully expect 2 to not be as good, I can’t help but want to see it.

I’ll probably end up seeing most of them, but I’m especially looking forward to Super 8, Harry Potter, Cowboys & Aliens and X-Men. I don’t know what a few of them are, I’ll have to look them up. The only one I have zero interest in is The Smurfs, it’d have to get Pixar-level reviews to get me interested. I’m only interested in Transformers because I saw some of it being filmed and I’m curious how Chicago is going to stomped and smashed.

I am really stoked to see Pirates. boy does my life suck right now and I need escapism stat. I’m still pretending Pirates 2 & 3 don’t exist.

I’ll watch Zach Galifianakis in anything, so definitely “The Hangover 2.” I am also a huge fan of the first two “Transformers” film, so “Dark of the Moon” as well.

I cannot fuckin’ WAIT for Cowboys & Aliens. Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, pipboys that shoot freakin laser beams?? I didn’t know there was another x-men movie coming out. I’m really not interested in another nostalgia movie like the Smurfs. I’ll probably see Pirates of the Carribean. I’ve never heard of Rise Of The Apes, it sounds interesting.

I don’t go to the movies in the cinema anymore, it’s just not worth the effort. So I’ll see most of these on DVD. Luckily that means I can filter out what are widely considered failures a long time before taking the plunge.

I may see Cars 2 and Pirates 4, and at a pinch Cowboys and Aliens, in the cinemas, if I get the opportunity. But only them, and probably not even them.

I don’t give a monkey’s about all these superheroes I’m unfamiliar with, and who look so lame in the trailers.

I’m most interested in Thor, Captain America (despite sidelining the Nazis) and Cowboys and Aliens. If it turns out Bay wasn’t lying about stripping the suck out of his third Transformers movie I’ll see that too, and I’m sort of half-and-half about X-Men: First Class - the first two movies were great, but I’m not yet convinced by what we’ve seen of the new film.

I’m really, really, really (I could go on all day, but I actually need a stronger word) excited about Olivia Wilde’s nude scene in Cowboys & Aliens. From what I hear, the film is being made as an R movie, so hopefully there’s little to no chance of it getting cut somehow.
Other than that, I’m intrigued by *Super 8 *mostly because of Cloverfield, *Kung Fu Panda 2 *because the first one was awesome, and *The Hangover 2 *because the first one had some of the biggest laughs I’ve ever gotten out of a film.
I’ll almost certainly watch the superhero movies (except for X-Men… it looks stupid so far and needs to show me something amazing to earn my dollars) and *Cars 2 *also.
Lot of sequels this summer…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Oh yeah!

My wife loved the original PotC movie. She, too, is in denial over the existence of PotC 2 and 3. Every time she sees an ad for this new movie, she keeps repeating, “please don’t suck, please don’t suck…”

Fast Five, Priest, and Super-8 'cause I don’t know anything about them.

The rest of the films look boring in that “been there, done that, can’t y’all do something that isn’t a sequel” kind of way…

Err, Fast Five is the fifth The Fast and The Furious. It’s the most sequelly of all the movies on there.

So that makes 2 movies on the list I would possibly see…

Me being me, I obviously intend to see Thor. I shall have to dig up and re-read the first Celestials storyline first, though, so I can hate it properly. :slight_smile:

I was too bored with the first live-action Transformers to even make it through it, much less pay to see the second. Shan’t bother with the third.

As I understand it, the Pirates movie is lacking Keira Knightley. As the purpose of that franchise is to keep Keira Knightley’s loveliness before our eyes, the next one shall surely be an abomination before man and Athena alike.

Who’s in the X-Men movie?

Michael Fassbender and James MacAvoy.

And Jennifer Lawrence! Those 3 are the reason I’m seeing it.

well, any movie with James MacAvoy will have me seeing it sooner or later.

and Skald - yea, I’ll miss Keira in POTC but the exquisite Penelope Cruz is in it & would surely ease the pain a bit.

Oh, holy Athena. Penelope Cruz < Keira Knightley. Even a Gamgee should know that.

I actually have only seen the first PotC movie in toto; I bailed halfway through the second on account of boredom, and so did not bother with the third.

Skald, Skald - there are no second & third POTC movies.