If you criticize our President, you're attacking our country...

Today’s John Birch Society Award goes to the woman on CNN’s Talk Back Live who expressed these sentiments toward George Michael. Indeed, she particularly took umbrage that someone who’s “not even an American” would dare to criticize George W. Bush.

Whether or not you agree with George Michael’s political viewpoint, it is patently absurd to equate someone’s criticism of an American politician with an attack on America as a country.

Hey, we’ve got vice-Presidents and Attorney Generals in office who think that when their own citizens criticize the President, it’s akin to helping terrorists attack the country.

So does that mean that Messrs. Cheney and Ashcroft are “patently absurd”? :wink:

“If you criticize our President, you’re attacking our country.”

Then Bush helped the terrorists when he attacked Clinton.


I agree with peasea.

Well, George Michael sucks.
We are talking about the singer, right?

Yes, Guin, but leaving that unfortunate incident out of it -

I pledge my support to peasea and Kat on thier valiant cause. May the force be with you.

Huh? I’m talking about his music. It sucks.

Unless there’s another George Michael I’m not aware of.

In which case :smack:

Well, hold on there Guin. I thought “Faith” was pretty good. And on that basis, I think that George Michaels should have a lot of attention paid to him. I mean, if he’s good at one thing, he must be good at everything right? I believe that Socrates felt that way about poets.

But the woman is nuts. I bet she was southern.

Haven’t you ever seen The Sports Machine with George Michael?

So yes, go ahead and :smack: yourself.

A lot of the criticism leveled at Bush makes me roll my eyes. Not all, but a lot.

However, there is not much more American than criticizing the president.

Think about all the countries on this planet where doing so would get you imprisoned, tortured and/or killed.



Good Lord I am so fucking confused I could dance and do a jig.

What the fuck were we talking about again?

I think Matt was referring to this. JDM

OTOH, having read the article after posting it (always a good policy) I see that it says:

So if that is what Matt was referring to, all I can say is that George Michael is either really flexible, or really um… impressive. JDM

It’s about his new single - Shoot the dog, to be released soon.
On his official webpage http://www.aegean.net/ there is a link or pop-up with pictures and lyrics to the song.

Let us just take this moment to comiserate with George Michael on the death of his musical career.

Rumour has it that he is going to give a once off interview on his “political views” with Trevor McDonald.

A sad end to a good career.

Well, the Wham! Rap is somewhat political.

In my opinion, the CIA should have taken care of that guy the first time MTV showed the video for “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”