If you don't hear from me for a while ...

I’m shitting bricks at the moment. My work permit expired on 30th June. My passport says I have to be out of the country by then (oops). My employers filed a renewal in May, but it’s still pending (major backlogs at the Department of Enterprise). They were told by the Dept. that since it’s the same employer filing the application, I’m permitted to stay and work here while it’s pending. But if this is codified in Irish law I’m damned if I can find it anywhere. I’m going to England this weekend for my friends’ football tourney, and relying on the fact that there is USUALLY no passport control between the UK and Ireland. If this time is an exception, I’m f************cked.

So to my friends on the board, please note my new address c/o Mountjoy Prison, Dublin 7 !!

[sub]send a cake…[/sub]

I’ll make sure to bake a file into it. :wink:

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OK, here’s the plan. yojimbo -you create a diversion. TwistofFate, you’re on point. tatertot will cover us from the rear. Coldfire will be providing air support.

Let’s move out. And remember, we come back with ruadh - or not at all.

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Something similar to this happened to my old roommate.
He was from France, living in the States while he went to school. He had a folder in his room that contained all the “important” papers, such as visa, green card, passport, etc.
Well, two days before leaving to visit Mexico, he could not find the folder. We tore the entire apartment up for two days trying to find this stuff. He didn’t even have a US Driver’s license. Nothing.
To keep this short, we found everything 5 minutes before he was supposed to leave for the airport. So, I know what kind of anxiety you are facing.

My best bet of advice to you is to call the Irish authorities and ask them about it. And if you’re really afraid of getting caught/in trouble, I would probably skip out on the trip until you have some sort of documentation. (Deportation is not your friend!! :slight_smile: )

Good Luck!

I know, I shouldn’t go. But I’ve had this trip planned for yonks and … I dunno … I guess I don’t think the risks are that serious to cancel it. My boss signed a letter for me stating that the renewal is pending so hopefully if I do get stopped that will help. Still, it’s a pain in the arse. So many people here complain about US immigration, but at least the US law in this regard is fairly clear. Irish immigration law is mostly ad hoc (because migration to Ireland is still a fairly new thing). I may end up being a test case, which I’m not at all comfortable with. But hell, life’s no fun without the risks huh?