"If you elect Biden, he'll listen to the Scientists!"

Trump apparently sees this as a BAD thing.

As a scientist, it’s a selling point to me

“We’re like a rocket ship”
Yeah – the Nostromo

“Take a look at the numbers.”
Just shy of 220,000 this morning.

I have a genuine concern that the world is heading towards another dark age. Can you imagine if these anti-science morons had input into the Apollo program? They would have canceled it because of the firmament or something.

Is this as dire, or more dire, than taco trucks on every corner?

The mess we are in is because his moronic show ‘The Apprentice’ was cancelled. He shouldn’t worry though, he will still be the center of attention by some guys with the initials AG.

And I agree with you @Ike_Witt, while progress is slow sometimes, his supporters want to take two steps backwards. Again, and again, and again. Not caring about the cliff behind them, because that’s ‘science’.

“He’ll listen to the scientists,” Trump continued.

I damn well hope so, that’s why I’m voting for him.

Why can’t we have both? A president who listens to scientists, and taco trucks on every corner?

Is that better or worse than a president who listens to taco trucks and a scientist on every corner?

Ronald Reagan said facts are stupid things back in 1988. Karl Rove claimed conservatives can create their own reality back in 2004. Donald Trump is the result of this.

Has this been made into another [just Donald saying something] “I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message” ad yet?

(The first one was Donald promising we’d “never hear from him again” if he were to lose).

While in Pennsylvania, Trump said he’d never come back to Pennsylvania if he loses the state. Here’s hoping he makes the same promise in the other states (particularly Florida) and there’s a blue wave.

Or to quote Adam Savage:

“I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

Oh, dear. Whatever will people in Johnstown do with their Tuesdays from now on?

Well, that and her emails.

Biden Responds

“We’re like a rocket ship.”

And, do tell, sir, how did we get rocket ships? I think it had something to do with scientists, didn’t it?

Can’t wait for the other Trump Predictions of Doom:

“If Biden wins, he’ll support reasonable legislation!”

“If Biden wins, he’ll appoint competent people!”

“If Biden wins, there will be no more insulting nicknames for people!”

And it was a slip of the tongue and he immediately corrected himself:
“Facts are stupid things – stubborn things, should I say. [Laughter].”

I believe he was trying to paraphrase John Adams.

I was actually thinking about that quote when I was writing my post.

Has anyone ever questioned Savage about why he adopted such an anti-scientific slogan?

Pretty sure it’s a joke.

For some unfathomable reason, I prefer an economic recession over an increase in permanent cemetery residents.