If you had the chance to live an extra 100 years ...

The deal: You get to live an extra 100 years as you are now, then the aging process will start back up again. You can’t be physically injured, but you also can’t be physically modified in any way. Your aches, your pains, your weight, your allergies etc. will stay exactly the same as they are now, and any attempts to change them will fail-It’s a “Stay As Your Are” offer.
Do you take it?

Can I get a haircut? Or butt implants? Or tattoos?

Hair stays the same.
Butt implants fall off.
Tattoos don’t take.
No mods at all.

Then yes.

ETA: but I’m getting a haircut first. And clipping my nails.

Sorry, but we don’t take appointments-Now, or never.

I don’t eat or drink at all - do I starve? Do I even feel hunger or thirst? Do I even need to breathe?

Forget it. No way am I outliving my son.

You don’t have to do any of those things, but you can still enjoy doing those things if you wish. You also can’t kill yourself, btw.

No but not because of the pains or other things. I’ve already outlived too many of the people and places I love and I’m just a little too old to sentence myself to an extra 100 years of that stuff. Yeah, I’ve found new things and friends but not enough to make up for all the losses.

Lots of interesting money making possibilities for an effectively invulnerable person. (High-stakes movie stunt person could be fun)
Fair enough, I take the deal.

With restrictions you described, my answer is an unequivocal NO. I currently have too many ongoing health issues (obesity, diabetes, sore back and legs among others) to deal with. If I had to live another 100 years and couldn’t do anything to improve them, I wouldn’t see the point.

PS I’m actually working hard to improve my health as it is. I don’t want anyone reading what wrote above to think I’m suicidal now.

“Land mine finder” pays well…but(for obvious reasons) there is no pension plan.

I need one? I don’t mind taking payment all up front. I assume if I can’t have surgery to correct my bum knee then I can’t be torn apart by shrapnel and explodey things.

Oh yeah.

Of course I would take that. Another 100 years to enjoy life! Or, enjoy not being dead I suppose. Oh, and drinking beer.

Lots of beer…because you also can’t get drunk.

Good thing I’ve got a respectable buzz going on already.

You gonna do good.

Wait, what?

Alcohol is a poison, and you can’t be poisoned.