If you had to pick one race..what would it be?

If you could live with only one other race of people and your own race…what race of people would you pick?

I"m caucasian so the other race of people that I would want to share the planet with would have to be…damn this is a harder question than I thought…hmmm I would have to pick probably the chinese, they are funny with their cameras when they visit my country and they have chinese food.

I hope I posted this in the right forum.

Errm… the Indy 500?

Seriously, I don’t think this is going to go well, or last very long…

But welcome, Mr. Zero!

There is only one race… The Human Race… Everything else is culture.

damn! I knew I posted this in the wrong forum. :o

culture is the right word isn’t it? My mistake.

No, I think it’s the right forum… it’s just the kind of question that probably won’t play out well here at the SDMB, that’s all…

Race questions tend to be a bit iffy here… as there have been many arguments regarding race-related questions in the past.
Can I pick a sex, instead of a race? If so, women… I like women!:smiley:

Yeah, I was really hoping I could answer the OP with ‘Skiing/Shooting Biathlon’.

<gazes into crystal ball>
I see…
I see…

Wait, I don’t see. I don’t see anyone bothering to start a ‘Why Was Mr. Zero Banned’ thread.

When I was teaching english to some Japanese and Korean students, I really, really wanted to be Korean. All the girls were so stylish and petite, with wonderful clear skins and hair and beautiful eyes and cool clothes and gadgets. However this was just my students, not all Koreans as far as I know!

I also often wish I’d grown up in a nationality where biligualism is taught from birth, eg Hong Kong so I could read and write Chinese fluently, and English. And I love Chinese food more than anything so a big vote for being Chinese.

Other choices would be a South Pacific island nation (Tonga maybe?) because they are such paradises of places with friendly people and laid-back lifestyles.

For me, if you can’t have a varitity of people, it makes no sence to chose one over the other. Bah.

Mille Migalia

or polynesian

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard Astroboy14 say that, I’d. . . well, I’m sure I could buy a few beers, anyway. Good dark beers too, not that cheap watery crap. (It’s the line he’s most famous for at the school where we work.)

Actually, this is more of an IMHO thread.

I’ll move it for you.

Cajun Man - SDMB Moderator

Medium-brown people, of whatever race. Expecially the athlethic male type, with yummy biceps…I’m thinking of the son of one of my co-workers: his mom is white and his dad is Native Canadian…my god that fella is hot! :o I think he’s younger than me, though, by a year or so, and besides I don’t think D. would want me mooning over her son, so I’m out of luck. Still…

It’s really hard to decide. I like a lot of chocolate-brown people, and some Asian people, and even the plain old vanilla ones of my own race (as my ex-guy can attest). Too hard to decide, but I’ll take coffee & cream, for the sake of the argument.

Do redheads count as a race? :smiley:

Hmmm…I thought “cross country” before opening the thread…

I want the dark skin and large nostrils of the Negroid race to keep me from getting sunburned and prevent annoying nasal congestion.

I want the epicanthic eye fold and straight public hair of the Mongoloid race to help protect my eyes from the fierce winter winds coming off the steppes and give body lice no place to hide in the freezing winters.

I want the light blue eyes and small penis of the Caucasoid race to fascinate women in bars with, and present a smaller target when the inevitable kick to the crotch comes.

I want the strong, gleaming teeth and compact body style of the Latin race that will enable me to do endless amounts of stoop labor yard work without getting a bad back and still have a ready smile for the chicitas when cruising in my low rider.

I want the near beardless face of the Amerindian race so I can go without shaving for weeks at a time and still look great on coinage.

I want the giant brains of the Jewish race so I can finally do my own corporate taxes and figure out how to get everything wholesale.

I want the Teutonic cars of the German race because BMW’s and Audi Quattros rock!

I want the multi-lingual razor edged tongue of the Collounsbury race to berate my inferiors and complain about bad service in French cafes with.

I want the Olympian historical perspective of the tomndebb race so I can practically pull an answer out of my ass and it will still be right!
But mostly I want to be a Kryptonian.

Any bets on how many years after we cut back to one race before we found some significant physical difference we could base our prejudices on?

Those people with Roman noses… you just can’t trust 'em.

Me too!! :smiley:

That, or, see my sig line…

Do I HAVE to pick my own race? We’re so LAME.

I’ll live with just the Mongoloid and Negroid races, okay?

Hmm, white guy checking in who has lived in Asia for 15 years. Dunno, tough question.