If you had to pick one song with Lennon's best vocals


While he had a cold, no less.

Liked his Elvis impersonation at the beginning of “Starting Over”.


Twist and Shout is, in my mind, the greatest rock vocal of all time.

My other favorite Lennon vocal is I Should Have Known Better

I assume that’s a whoosh. Great cut, but I think that’s Ringo.


I really like All I’ve Got to Do.

I could name many Beatles tracks by John, but if pressed to choose a song that showcases a pure emotional vocal, it’d have to be "Mother".

The way JL kicks off “Hey Jude” - great job!

A Day in the Life is not only my favorite rock song of all time (and IMHO is the best), but is definitely up there with the best of Lennon’s vocals.

McCartney nailed it, though. And to be honest, Lennon didn’t even want to be in The Beatles by that time.

Personally, I’d go with Jealous Guy. Maybe not the best vocals, technically, but they fit the lyrics perfectly.

Tomorrow Never Knows, too. Simple “bugle-call” melody, but wow. Even without the Tibetan monks on a mountaintop, nor John suspended upside down and spinning in the studio (two of his early ideas for the song).

To me it would be Wheels Go Round.

Here’s a decent Lennon vocal:

Too bad it’s not him (it’s Tony Hendra). Strong language, probably NSFW.

Anything from Rubber Soul: It’s only Love, Girl, esp Norwegian Wood.

Across the Universe…