If you have a tablet, when and where do you use it?

I bought a Samsung Galazy 10.1" tablet about 2 1/2 years ago, thinking I’d get a lot of use out of it. But I haven’t. Not because it isn’t a nifty device - it is - but when I’m home, my PC is is more practical (bigger screen, never has to be charged, etc) and if I simply must have internets while out and about, well, my smartphone is always at hand and more convenient. And when I’m at work, or at play, I typically don’t need or want internet access except for email, or to look something up, check the weather and other quick, mundane tasks. Smartphone is fine for all that.

The only times I’ve really appreciated having a tablet was a: when we lost power for six days during the ice storm last winter. It holds a charge better than my phone and is better for viewing news and such. And B; when I’ve travelled - then it is quite handy. Occasionally I’ll fire it up to browse and read on the back deck. Other than that, I rarely use it. It’s probably had somewhere between 20 and 30 hours of use since November 2012, when I bought it. But they are popular devices, so clearly people are using them more frequently than me.

We’ve got the same tablet as you. Right now, it’s down in my studio. Radio reception sucks in our basement, so I use it to either listen to the local NPR feed or go into the archives of This American Life and listen to that. I also used it once to watch an archived TV program that I couldn’t access on our bedroom TV.

I was going to take it with me when I go on a cruise this summer, but now I’m thinking a laptop will work better. I want to stay in touch via email, and “typing” on the tablet is a pain in the patoot.

In the grand scheme of things, I think it was a waste of money, but the spousal unit wanted it. He played with it for a few weeks after getting it, then nothing…

Angry Birds is much better on a tablet. :slight_smile:

I have an Asus tablet that I use on occasion. Keep it next to my recliner to watch some videos etc. We have a notebook PC on the counter, but my recliner is more comfortable. I do some email on the tablet, but most email’s done on my phone as is the majority of my forum activity.

I use mine all the time. I rarely use my laptop anymore. Right now I’m in the car while my husband is driving.

I use it while I watch TV, wait in doctor’s waiting rooms, eat in restaurants, and just about everywhere. It’s so much lighter, and so much more portable than a laptop.

I also have that same tablet. Mine is WIFI only,

I use it a lot, but mostly to play games. I particularly like the games from Game Insight. Paradise Island, the Tribez, etc.

I also use it as a Kindle device.

I have an iPad 2. I use it as a Kindle, a cookbook, a casual gaming device, and instead of a laptop in work meetings. I rarely bring a laptop on vacation any longer (sometimes I’d need to do something for work while away).

I only use it when a netbook is too heavy and I need better access than the phone gives me. On vacation or at a conference, with a Bluetooth keyboard, basically.

iPad 3, wifi only. I use it as my primary internet machine. I rarely fire up the laptop. And my desktop is mostly my home entertainment system theses days.

iPad 2.
I use it so I can take long lunches and still do tech support (I need to access our website).

iPad Air. We’ll be using it on our 3-week road trip coming up soon. Weather, maps, night sky, gas stations, restaurants and the like. It’s a good tool for that. Otherwise, I never use it.

I have had a Nook HD+ (9") for almost a year now. Rooted it right away and am running CyanogenMod. I got a case/keyboard thing right away, too.

It was the most powerful tablet in its class for the least money at the time.

I keep it by my chair in the family room. I use it to look up stuff in the evening. (The rest of the time I use my desktop.) IMDb, etc. The only game on it is OpenSudoku.

When I’m going somewhere for a while, I take it with me. Esp. if I know there’s going to be free WiFi. I also use it for video “on the road”.

While the keyboard helps, not having a mouse really makes text editing a pain. Touch screens really aren’t a substitute. So, no heavy text-based stuff.

Since I’m not a phone/chat person, not having a cell phone connection or camera is not a problem at all. Quite the opposite.

As I mentioned in the new Nook thread, I also have a rooted Nook Simple Touch which I use for eBooks. It can also do a certain amount of web surfing and apps, but with the HD+ around, not so much anymore.

I have a Kindle Fire. I use it for reading books and for email/surfing when we travel.

My husband has a Samsung Galaxy 7 and uses it a lot, every day. He lies on the sofa and surfs the web with it at the end of the day, and also has some engineering-type circuit simulation software that he’s pleased with.

I use it when traveling, to process and post photos and stay in communications via wi-fi. My wife uses it to read books when she’s going to spend a bunch of time somewhere.

iPad Air.

On the move: Railway timetables including real time delay information, my daily paper (that I only use as an ePaper nowadays - my SO reads the print edition), e-mail, maps, planning the route for my next hiking tour, banking, Kindle app for recreational reading, ssh app for small server admin tasks, pulse rate check app, web browsing (a large part of that being the SDMB). Facebook for the occasional topical posting.

At home: my daily paper (b/c it is distributed by mail carrier not newspaper carrier in the city I spend most nights at my SO), Kindle app for recreational reading.

On visits to friends: as a photo display for showing photographs from outings we talk about, or photos of other friends/relatives that the conversation refers to.

I watch movies and TV shows, play games and/or listen to music every day on the bus ride to and from work. I play with it in bed, because I’m too lazy to get up. I take it on trips, I take it to my parent’s house. Last time while my father was doing genealogy research, I was doing Google searches on some of those people from my iPad.

Just upgraded from a 16gb iPad to a 64gb iPad a couple of months ago. As I’ve said in other threads, the previous one that I’d had for 2 years got a minimum of 500-600 hours of use over that time, and probably closer to twice that. Gave it to my mother, since my father was being a dick and not letting her use ‘his’ iPad.

Always said I didn’t need a cellular connection, as I didn’t need to be connected all the time and have wifi most places I am. However, I’m already thinking that, barring a sudden outbreak of ‘need a smart phone’ (I don’t), my next one will have 4g capability. If only because then I CAN use it as a phone if I need to via Facetime/Skype. But then, my local bus company just installed wifi in our transit station, and is slowly rolling it out on the buses. So I should be able to watch Amazon Prime Video on the bus.

One of the good things is that our local newspaper site has a monthly article limit (15) unless you pay, but apparently this doesn’t count for mobile devices. At least not one using Private Browsing. :slight_smile:

I have a Nexus 7 and I use it all the time. The former factor make sit more convenient to haul around than a 10 inch tablet so I am more likely to have it with me. I use it for internet at home and work, as an e-reader, to watch TV or movies at my daughter’s various activities. It definitely gets 3 to 5 hours of use each day.

iPad 3, and I am on it all the time. I rarely turn on my laptop these days.

I have a keyboard, and that makes a huge difference.

I use mine at home and at work (and every once a while in a waiting room or something) and 99.9% of what I use it for is to play games…

iPad 2, covered in tape, cracks all over the screen, and I use it:

In the bathroom
In the kitchen, for recipes
At night, in bed, to watch Netflix or read message boards or play games or listen to the radio
Traveling - Email, mostly - I have AT&T service for it
Out at bars, if I think I’m going to get a project done - More often I take my kindle or my phone
In the sunroom - to IMDB people in things we’re watching or for Youtube

When I was dating, I used Facetime frequently.

When I lived with roommates, it was used to settle disputes during Jeopardy or Nova.

My cat also uses it to play games.

I don’t own a laptop, I wonder if that makes a difference…

iPad Air. I take it to work so I can access the internet and email on my breaks.

I also use it (with headphones) to watch Netflix even though I could do that on my desktop or my TV.
I’ve used it in waiting rooms and restaurants but I worry I’m going to leave it behind one of these times.

I also use it as a photo album but Apple makes that a chore.

I’m starting to get the hang of typing on it. I received it as a gift last Christmas.

I haven’t done any travelling since I got it but I’m looking forward to having it on trips.