If You Hibernated 6 months/year, Live to 140?

Where I live (NE), many wild animals hibernate through the winter (a local skunk just woke up for a look see). Suppose humans hibernated? In this state, the heart slows down, and the body lives off stored fat. Bers sometimes hibernate through the entire winter. If humans did s, could we achive super long lifespans? Like maybe 2X normal?

Do bears live 140 years?

Bears don’t hibernate. They sleep. (or maybe the preferred term is now denning.

Hibernate means slowing down your metabolism to very low levels. Hibernating animals lower their body temperature, slow their breathing and heart rate, and tap their energy reserves at a very slow rate.

There are some ideas that hibernating could increase your lifespan because your whole body slows down. However, a comparison between hibernating and non-hibernating squirrels reveal that there was no difference in the lifespan between the two groups.