If you knew then, what you know now- would you vote for Hillary in 2016?

Hillary Clinton got a bum deal- but part of it was of her own making.

Yes, I voted for her.

So If you knew then, what you know now- would you vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Or stay home, vote 3rd party or vote trump?

Remember folks, this isn’t the Pit, if someone is brave enough to say “I would vote trump”- please do not attack them.

Query why- of course.

I. Voted Libertarian in 2016 and would have no matter who the candidates were.
Knowing what I know now, I would have done no differently.

I didn’t vote for her in the primary but I voted for her in the Presidential election and I would vote for her today if I had the chance. I like her better than Biden.

I voted for her then, I would do so again. But I would prefer a younger candidate. Also a better campaigner in deference to those who think of the word candidate in this context differently than I do.

Voted for her then, because I thought she’d do a less bad job than Trump.

Since then, I’ve seen no reason to change my mind.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have voted for her twice. Look, if they’re going to accuse us no matter what, might as well get the benefit.

I can’t imagine anyone saying that they did vote for her, but wouldn’t with what they know today.

What’ll be interesting would be if we got anyone going the other way around.

I voted for her because I expected she could do a great job as president.

(I used to ask people to imagine that they were hiring someone for their company and were looking at two resumes. One was a Yale-educated lawyer who had served in the Senate and as Secretary of State, while the other sold real estate and steaks with his name on them. Who would you hire?)

Not a BIG fan, but I would again enthusiastically vote for her.

I voted for her in the general election and would vote for her again.

But I was wrong in many respects about Trump: I thought he was just pandering to his base and wouldn’t be so crazy as President. I suppose no one else here was so naive.

In 2016 I could only vote in the primary, which in my case happened when it was already virtually a moot point. And I did support and contribute to her campaign.

(I did make known with local party pols that the internal apparatus should have avoided the appearance of presumptive anointment and thumbs-on-the-scales in the lead-in to nomination. She did not need that, she was going to win that fair and square.)

No additional information arising in the intervening 8 years, though, would change my posture on having supported her candidacy. So, no, “knowing what I know today” I would not have become a Bernie Bro in the primary, and had I been able to vote in the general that year I would not have sat it out nor gone Trump.

I knew he was a complete conman and asshole, but to be honest, I did not think he was going to be as bad as he was. That still shocks me. He was pretty close to a puppet for Mitch McConnell and to a lesser degree Putin.

Hard to believe W being a puppet for Cheney would look less bad that quickly.

I voted for her in the general in 2016, but not the primary.

If she were running again today, I’d probably do the same.

Okay I’ll cop to it: I didn’t vote in 2016. If I’d known Trump would really win, of course I’d have voted against him. But I woke up to the same surprising bad news the next day as did millions of others. (I should have known better because 36 years earlier I’d woken up and said “Ronald Reagan? Seriously?”)

I won’t go into detail on why I didn’t vote for her, but it had nothing to do with Benghazi or basement servers. Bernie wasn’t qualified to be Chief Executive, but a few of his ideas are long overdue as planks in the party platform. But no: the establishment that controls the party and practices statecraft, while still infinitely more professional than the GOP, showed itself to be every bit a club whose upper membership remains closed to newcomers as any other old corporation; and proved just as vulnerable to disruptors.

In a hypothetical scenario, If my vote were the sole deciding vote, yes, I’d vote for Hillary.

But realistically speaking, since I live in a red state, it makes no difference, so in a real-life scenario, I’d still vote 3rd party like last time.

Yeah, I voted for Hillary, but I didn’t have any idea how breathtakingly awful his presidency would be. I think there’s even posts on here where I say that I felt like his staff would rein him in and although he might be a loose cannon, his presidency would be business as usual.

YES, I voted for Hillary then, and I would do so again!

I voted for Clinton in 2016, not because I thought she was an amazing candidate (I didn’t), but because I believed that Trump would be horrid as president, as well as the fact that I’m a liberal, and there are few Republican politicians whom I’d support anyway.

I’d certainly vote for her again, given everything that’s transpired in the past 7 1/2 years. There was nothing that happened during Trump’s presidency, or the time since he left office, that’s done anything to dispel my 2016 opinion of how horrid he would be.

I’ll always vote Dem.

But I really loved the Clinton’s. I know they had problems. The women Bill had sexual relations :thinking: with, being a big one. Bill would never have gotten to the white house with out Hillary.

Hillary was the best bet against Trump. I still think she was robbed. (Not that the election was stolen).

I said in the other thread she would have made a respectable president. Could’ve been great, given the COVID pandemic happened.
I think her response to that would have been less confusing. And may have saved lives.

Ditto, exactly.

Sadly, I thought he’d be as bad as he is, if not worse. His behavior during the campaign made that completely clear to me. No morals, just a big, immoral thug.