If you like 80s arcade games AND Miles Davis...

Then you have to check out this 8-bit version of “So What,” the opening track of Davis’s seminal recording, Kind of Blue.

Kind of Bloop.

I’m envisioning a video game that has this as its background music. Probably like Root Beer Tapper, only set in a jazz club where you have to pull espresso shots for all the beatniks.

The arrangement of Blue in Green sounds a lot more like NES-era video game music to me. I can picture it in a noirish game, or something recounting the end of the world.

Yeah, that one’s good too.

This is actually pretty well done. Reminds me of the Moog Cookbook, a bit. Thanks for sharing.

That is too awesome! I am loving this.

No problem, guys - I love stuff like this. I remember going to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and being completely delighted by the 8-bit version of the Universal Pictures logo and theme.