If you like guns, pure comedy video

I know there are some shooters on the SD, and mrAru turned me on to a great series called Forgotten Weapons on Youtube. Each episode goes into different firearms past and present.

I just saw an interesting and funny pair of episodes on the Zip 22. Episosde 1 was the talk about the gun, and the second was actually showing it fired.

Without a doubt, it really is the worst gun every put on the market. and this is coming from someone who has owned a Raven in .25 … [nothing like barrel shooting and hearing the pop of the firing and a gap before the ting of the round bouncing off a rusted barrel ]

Ah, yes. Gun Jesus.
And that is a horrible gun.

I had considered purchase of one of those several years back. As I handled it for a few minutes and saw how the bolt had to be actuated I decided to take a pass.

Apparently one of my better decisions.

I didn’t like even the funky plastic boxy fake alien zapper look of the think on video - I thought it must handle like a toy, you know the old toy guns that shot pellets with a spring [they had this funky pwang feeling when you shot a pellet] The only use I could see for one is building a costume prop alien blaster of some sort out of it if you were too lazy to form plastic sheet.

I’m an enormous fan of PBS’s Antique Roadshow and I somehow never saw this parody until this morning before work. Seldom to I laugh in these pre-caffeinated hours but this had me rolling:

“Does he play hockey?”
“I’m sorry, are you still filming? deadpan Yes, we are.”
“Alright, ok, give the loaded gun back to daddy. That’s still good.”

LOL wow =)