If you live in NO. CAL. and like cats.....

I’m surfing petfinder.com today and found Calvin . How could anyone resist this cat’s face?

Man, that there is one ugly pissed off looking kitteh. I really like cats a whole bunch but Persians are just grotty looking. I hear some of them are getting so inbred for the flat faced trait that the kittens are born without a brain case… It might be total BS but whenever I look at a Persian kitten I think “hmmm, could be…”

Calvin appears to have an attitude. What a beautiful color, though!

Everytime I see a Persian, all I think about is dental/breathing problems that come with that squished face @_@

“Yoda, you seek Yoda.”

My grandfather used to do a lot of volunteer work for the SPCA in Sacramento; ran their used book sale for years. Vacaville’s not too far away.

Anytime I surf Petfinder, I end up wanting another kitty. But I have three already EEEEEEEEK.