If you post inaccurate info in GQ, can there be a policy that we cut off a finger?

I’m just asking. It would really make me happy.

I would even donate one of my cigar cutters for the function.

I don’t think that they do.

Otherwise we’d start seeing posts like :

qwer weoiuq erwto

C’mon, Bricker. Give us a link. You know you want to.

No, I continue to favor the current policy of getting bitch-slapped by Manhattan.

That has a FAR higher entertainment value.

Only if we can also cut off a finger for folks who can’t correct inaccurate information politely without getting anal about everything. :slight_smile:

If we did, what then would be the penalty for inaccurate stuff in GD?

heh, now you’re talking!

How about a “Dumbass” designation under their name in lieu of “Member”? Three innaccuracies and tag, you’re it.

But I’ll be able to spout nonsense here in the pit, right?


As you might imagine, I would be against the policy amendment you propose.

I am getting sick and tired of correcting inaccurate information politely. It never stops. Idiots saunter in, post their guesses, their wildly incorrect “facts”, and then saunter away, on a message board whose mission statement is fighting ignorance.

No! No soup for you! There’s no politeness to be had on this. There is no excuse for not reading the forum descriptions, and even if there were no forum descriptions, frankly there’s little excuse for OFFERING INACCURATE INFORMATION anywhere. If you don’t know, shut the fuck up. Don’t prattle on.

Of course, I recognize that someone may, even after the exercise of reasonable diligence, post something that turns out to be wrong. My ire is not directed at those people. It’s the lack of reasonable diligence that gets my goat. Simply leaping into a conversation with some factoid that you have never verified is absurd, especially if you fail to qualify it as a guess, hunch, or whatever-the-fuck the right word is for, “I was digging around in my rectum and out came this piece of information.”

GENERAL QUESTIONS. FACTUAL ANSWERS. Or you lose a finger. I really don’t see the heartburn here.

lieu: now you’re talking. I would pay money to see that system implemented, since, if I permit a moment of rationality to cloud my madness, it has a much better chance of being actually adopted than my amputation plan does.

Yep, that’s a pretty good place to lose a finger.

Perhaps a compromise would be to ask Manhattan if we could use the salutation “Dumbass” for those folks who pull their answers out of their Dumb A$$.

Not to mention the complete inability some people have (yes, even here) to learn from their mistakes.

I can see it now; ranking up there in our memories such as The Winter of Our Missed Content - The Great Finger Drought of 2003.

“That’s right, newbies. By the time Ed Zotti discovered the true depths of Bricker’s madness, the FBI was already investigating the connections between the Boards, malfunctioning garbage disposals and sharp rise is waterproof keyboard sales. Consider yourselves lucky you weren’t around back then.”

Another possibility would be to further modify the left side header as such…

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I’d like to use THIS method. I really don’t think that my bosses would let me, though.

Hmmm … they treat you all right in that hospital, Lynn?

You’re kinda scaring me.

Clearly Lynn is feeling better.

Maybe TOO MUCH better. :eek:

Now THIS is the Lynn we all know and love. [sub]And fear[/sub]

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