If you pull a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off..."

… and sneak off to go to a soccer game, make sure you dont end up on the team’s Official Website.


Huh? I don’t get it… the pix I see are just of people at a soccer game; what am I missing?

Let’s just say that the two “white people” you see, shouldn’t have been there.

Why, I’m missing the joke. Is it because I don’t read Korean?

Is one of them you, Bear?

Hey Bear, which one are you, the bald guy or the mean looking one?

That’s you on the left there, innit? Nice shirt! Better hope your XO doesn’t find that website.

Didn’t this happen to Elaine in an episode of Sienfield once? Talk about life imitating art.

I think Bear is the bald one. Nice shirt, though.

I think Bear is the hairy one :wink:

Glad someone is understanding this! :smiley:

BTW, everyone, I am on the left.

Wasnt Ferris on the TV when Rooney was buying a hotdog or something?

Just for clarification, what kind of unit are you in and where do you fit in the TO&E? I’d just like to know how much trouble you’re facing. :smiley:

No, I think it’s when he was in the arcade, tracking the Ferris look-alike who spit soda in his face. He goes to the counter to get napkins, looks at the TV, and sees Ferris at a baseball game.

(Sch-wing battahbattahbattah)

BTW I didn’t mean to insinuate that Bear_Napples is a “Bear” in the gay sense… well maybe that’s why the smiley is there… but I think I remembered his face from this awesome thread.


Actually, start here.

Hope to meet you in some form of Southeastern Dopefest someday, Bear.

I thought he was looking away from the TV when Ferris and Cameron were on the screen, and only looked back when the camera was on the field again.

Anyway, ouch!

Hard to believe the number of times Ive seen the movie, and still got that wrong. … At least we arent talking about The Goonies. :rolleyes:

  1. Don’t say you’re sick when you’re not.
  2. If you break rule 1, don’t go out having a day on the town where there are cameras.
  3. If you break rule 2, and your picture ends up on the internet, don’t tell a hundred of your closest friends!
  4. If you break rule 3, at least make sure the pictures are funny, and make sure you’ve got a pair of tickets for your XO.