If you rub the lamp...

If you rub the lamp, you’ll get the genie. Keep that in mind.


::rub rub::

I love to rub the lamp, genie or no.

That’s no genie.

OW! That’s hot!!! :mad:

That’s no lamp.

What if I get Jeannie to rub the lamp, what’s she get?

Lamp oil?

Just don’t make the same mistake I did. I spent 10 minutes rubbing one of these, and was very unhappy with what I got.

You’re rubbing too hard! What are you trying to do - start a fire fer crissakes?

Is it okay if I just comb the poodle?

How many wishes do I get?


What if the genie was sound asleep when you rubbed? He’d be kinda grumpy, no?

Depends on where and how you rubbed.

C’mon, guys, a little effort would be be nice. Not every thread in this forum has to be pointless.